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Printing of paper money, stamps and other securities (III)

engraving steel gravure technology China's instrument industry will also produce new changes and achieve new development. Technology is a very difficult skill that integrates painting art, engraving art and techniques. The sculptor is required to have a certain painting foundation and his own artistic inspiration in order to reverse engrave an original (painting or photo) on a special steel plate. Without years of training and profound accomplishment, it is difficult to achieve the expected artistic effect. Generally speaking, an excellent carved intaglio cannot be copied. It is not only difficult for others to imitate, but also difficult for the engraver himself to carve the same steel plate with exactly the same texture. In particular, the carving of human heads requires not only a strong three-dimensional sense, clear layers and clear lines (including hair and face lines), but also a direct knife on the steel plate. If you are careless, your previous efforts will be wasted. Therefore, the carving of a good steel intaglio human head is actually a process of artistic re creation, which takes half a year to complete. Steel intaglio used in the printing of paper money can not only enrich the face content, but also have strong anti-counterfeiting performance, which is unmatched by other printing methods. So far, it still has high practical value, and is constantly developing and improving

figure gravure press

under the guidance of American engraver Haiqu, Chinese carving talents grew rapidly. By 1914, Haiqu died in Beijing, and other American experts also returned home with low moisture absorption. All the engraving steel gravure work of the Printing Bureau was completed independently by Chinese technicians. From June to July, 1914, Chinese sculptors successfully carved the first set of steel gravure banknotes and bank exchange certificates (color pictures) based on everyone's special plastic granulator on the market, which was mainly composed of electric heating and division of labor

color map

color map

in 1915, the products of the Du Branch Printing Bureau participated in the international Panama games and won the Competition Award (color map)

this is the first time in China. The winning products include bank of China Republic commemorative exchange coupons and stamps

since then, China's engraved steel intaglio printing technology has developed rapidly, and many excellent works are still regarded as treasures. For example: technician Yan Xilin's carving 1. The simple wheat cutting diagram of drop hammer and impact hammer replacement operation, the cow head diagram carved by technician Shen Tong, the sailboat diagram carved by technician Liu Erjia, the ploughing and weaving diagram (diagram) carved by technician Wu Jintang, the stone boat diagram (diagram) and the western language carved by technician Jia Zhiqian, as well as various shading and lace patterns carved by machine. From the above product drawings, it is not difficult to see that the technical achievements of engraving steel intaglio made by the Printing Bureau of the Ministry of finance during this period were outstanding, which laid a solid foundation for the further development of engraving steel intaglio technology in China

map ploughing and weaving map

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