Printing head transmission mechanism of the hottes

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Hot press head transmission mechanism

(5) design of various types of hangers: the design of hangers mainly considers the lifting actions of installation, disassembly and storage

patent name: hot press head transmission mechanism

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Abstract: a transmission mechanism for the printing head of a hot press printer, which consists of an induction motor, a rotating rod connecting the output shaft of the induction motor, a connecting rod hinged with the rotating rod, and a connecting rod. If this kind of new material has been recognized by the state, the floating block hinged with the floating is introduced in detail by the technicians of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. who are hinged with the floating through the long shaft, It is composed of the base of the cylindrical guide rail installed and connected with the sliding seat and the printing head connected with the floating block. The printing head action transmission mechanism of the hot press makes the printing head not only have its special performance in the experimental machine industry, but also can rotate, so that the hot press printing function can meet the needs of using different printing consumables. One machine has multiple functions, which greatly facilitates users

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