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Printing machine purchase of small printing enterprises

in the traditional sense, printing enterprises have attracted attention because of their large scale. With the continuous development of the printing industry, more and more small and specialized printing enterprises have shown their advantages in the fierce competition in the printing industry, and even many printing enterprises that used to be large-scale are also reducing their scale. Beijing jiayixing Color Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as jiayixing) is a small and specialized printing enterprise located in Caihuying, which is known as Beijing printing circle

Founded in 1998, jiayixing mainly undertakes commercial short edition quick printing live parts including magazine covers, sample albums, etc. Originally, there was only one Heidelberg GTO52. In 2003, the company introduced the first Sakurai four-color offset press ol466si in northern China. With the expansion of business, it purchased Sakurai ol466sd offset press again in 2006. With the spirit of forge ahead, jiayixing started with more than 100000 funds and developed into a private enterprise with 10million assets today

jiayixing initially focused on the advantages of Sakurai's high cost performance. At that time, when the printing market was highly competitive and the investment capital was limited, the primary consideration when investing in equipment was the investment proportion and return on investment. General manager Zhang Qinglai told the author: when we purchased the first Sakurai equipment, we achieved a good performance of 330 days without downtime and printing 38 editions in a single shift of 12 hours. Finally, it took only one and a half years to recover all the investment of Sakurai ol466si. On the other hand, due to its convenient geographical location, jiayixing often undertakes short version fast printing live parts, so it has high requirements for delivery time and color restoration. Ol466si is mainly positioned in the field of short edition commercial printing, and is used for the printing of book covers, picture books, samples, etc. The printing volume of the short edition itself is small, so it is necessary to reduce the preparation time on the computer. The length of this time determines the printing cost. And Sakurai equipment can complete the preliminary preparation work in a very short time, which greatly reduces the preparation time for us

Sakurai ol466sd offset printing machine purchased in 2006 is mainly the recognition of Baochi's service, and the satisfaction of price and performance. The second machine has a relatively wide range of application, and the printing thickness range is 0.04 ~ 0.6mm thin paper. It can be used for both high-end color printing and packaging printing. The business scope of the company has also been expanded. The capital investment for the purchase of Sakurai offset printing machine is appropriate. Our enterprise is located in the urban area, and the infrastructure such as factory buildings is relatively limited. Now we can only meet one of them if it meets the requirements, and at the same time, we can ensure that the other one can pass the acceptance and meet the equipment requirements conditionally. The business risk of the enterprise is relatively small. Secondly, Sakurai is an integral machine, which is very convenient to install. We have moved three times, so it is very inconvenient to connect the equipment, and the cost of debugging after moving is high. The integral machine is more suitable for enterprises like us, such as higher permeability, better heat resistance, excellent mechanical properties, etc. I visited the production plant in Sakurai, Japan on the morning of March 4. All of them adopt automatic processing, and the human interference factor is very small, so the overprint accuracy is also very high. General manager Zhang Qinglai has no doubt about the practicality of Sakurai. Now the two machines use the same printing plates, and the operation conversion between them is very fast. The short version requires high efficiency. The introduction of the second machine not only improves the production efficiency, but also enhances our competitive strength

8. Cooling medium: General Manager Zhang Qinglai purchased the first equipment of Sakurai with ethanol or other unfrozen liquid through self financing, and the second equipment through financing. For this, he deeply understands that capital is the bottleneck restricting the development of small enterprises. If enterprises want to develop, they should not only choose equipment with high investment proportion and return on investment, but also make financing as soon as possible in the face of the current situation of low market price and fierce competition, Only through self financing or financing can enterprises expand production as soon as possible can they develop rapidly

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