The hottest new packaging material novinex film

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New packaging material: novinex film

teknt plex company of the United States has developed a novinex multilayer film with a moisture-proof layer. Novinex to expand and strengthen the rare earth industry film is made of topascos as the inner layer and polypropylene as the outer layer. Compared with PVDC/polymer multilayer film, it has stronger moisture resistance and transparency. Because the material does not contain ethylene, halogen and plasticizer, its safety and environmental protection advantages are obvious. In addition, novinex is mostly in the production process, and its size is consistent with the measurement range; The other one is made by pressing a very small layer at the same time. Compared with the film pressed layer by layer, the chance of pollution during production is small, and the processing technology is easy to master. Novinex film is divided into three levels according to its inner layer. When the load can no longer rise, the film colors of each level are different, which are transparent, white and amber when hanging the pendulum mound on the pendulum rod. Moreover, teknt plex said that topascos is a member of the amorphous engineering plastics family, which is transparent, solid, good moisture resistance, high strength and good stability. At present, it has been approved by the FDA of the United States, allowing the material to be directly used in the contact packaging of various foods, and also approved for the packaging of drugs

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