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New Oriental realizes attendance card management with xtools CRM

summer vacation in July, but the happiest thing is that the student party eats melons to cool off and treads on the beach? The fact is that in recent years, training institutions have sprung up quietly with the purpose of improving the competitiveness of students in exam oriented education, and a large number of students have fallen into the quagmire of training classes under the ardent expectation of their parents. During the holiday, children are still the first group to rise, rushing around in various training courses. With the rise of Internet, training courses came into being. A lesson card +wifi of New Oriental can meet the requirements of listening to training anytime, anywhere. New Oriental courses cover all kinds of training courses from primary school to doctor, as well as all kinds of vocational training. Shanxi Huanuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a special agent of New Oriental courses in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Its main business is to sell free class cards (recharge cards) to students. The free attendance card greatly facilitates students' learning. However, for those who sell battery grade lithium carbonate at a price of about 40000 yuan/ton, it is difficult to manage the free attendance card without the help of CRM software, because it also involves later service contents: recharge query, user management, account balance, password modification, course return progress query, etc

Shanxi Huanuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. uses xtools CRM to manage attendance cards. There are three main points:

1 Serial number management attendance card. When we mention serial number management, we first think of the factory number of large equipment, which is used for product tracking, after-sales maintenance management, etc. In fact, a small attendance card also has unique characteristics. From purchase to final consumption, for example, the data also covers the whole process from pre-sales to after-sales. Although the face value of a single card is not high, it also needs fine management. Xtools provides product serial number management, which can be effectively managed according to the attendance card number sent by the headquarters. When it is sold to students, whether it expires, and when it starts classes, all data are traceable

2. Store list management to achieve efficient operation. Training institutions will generally set up 1 system in shopping malls, residential areas or office buildings with a large number of people. The number of students who consult, visit and sign up on site is the pillar of traditional customer acquisition. In 2013, the global plastic output exceeded 280 million tons. Shanxi Huanuo opened sub accounts for each registration point. When students come, they can query the stock of attendance cards. At present, various promotional activities launched by the headquarters can be directly managed by store lists for students in the signing process. Xtools CRM's storefront order is suitable for the quick transaction mode of clearing money and goods, and is very suitable for the management of on-site registration and purchase of attendance cards at the registration point. One document realizes all records of order, details, delivery, delivery and payment collection, with higher operation efficiency. To understand the sales of New Oriental rechargeable cards in a certain region, the system can automatically form statistical reports, so that the headquarters can understand the enrollment and profitability of students in each region at the first time

3. Mobile terminal realizes portable sales. In addition to online customers such as page, New Oriental agents will also directly target the offline sales of attendance cards. It is troublesome for business personnel to register the debit and credit data of attendance cards on site. Xtools CRM software mobile terminal xtools palm treasure can quickly record the purchase, sales and inventory of attendance cards on site, and can also query the inventory data and category information of attendance cards. Of course, the function of quick order is more convenient. Students' information is collected on site in real time to effectively grasp each clue

xtools CRM uses the unique feature of serial number to manage lesson cards. Each lesson card covers information such as recharge amount, users, courses, etc., and straightens out the management of non-standard products; Storefront list is the most time-saving and labor-saving management for batch users; Mobile handheld is the only magic weapon for on-site business personnel to manage students and query and manage products

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