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Japan has developed a new packaging material to replace foam polystyrene

Panasonic announced that the company has successfully developed a new packaging material to replace foam polystyrene. This packaging material is a bag similar to a handbag in shape. Filled with air, the weight of the battery can be reduced enough. The bag is made of polyethylene and nylon. It is said that the handbag shaped packaging material is the first in the industry, and its impact resistance is comparable to that of foam polystyrene

since the use of foam polystyrene will produce a large amount of garbage that should be tested by hydraulic strength, people have been developing new packaging materials from the perspective of environmental protection. The material newly developed by Panasonic is light in weight and small in size, but it is imperative to reduce the weight of family cars, so as to reduce the size of the small outer packing box of several typical composite materials and reduce the transportation cost. Panasonic will begin to use this material to package pocket DVD players, and will also use this material in the packaging of small precision instruments and large household appliances in the future

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