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CRRC's deep-sea robot industry increased orders by more than 250million yuan in the first quarter of this year

CRRC's deep-sea robot industry increased orders by more than 250million yuan in the first quarter of 2017, which was the first sharp rebound since the oil and gas market downturn in recent three years

CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Zhuzhou Institute) under CRRC disclosed the above information on the 13th. According to this definition, cheshidai electric, a subsidiary of CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute, acquired British specialist machine Developments Limited (SMD), the world's second largest provider of deep-sea robots and submarine construction machinery manufacturer, in 2015, and officially laid out marine engineering equipment

the deep-sea robot equipment industry is considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the marine industry. However, due to the high technical threshold and large investment in the field of deep-sea robots, it belongs to the nobility of marine engineering equipment technology, and there were few enterprises in this field in China before

since CRRC times electric acquired British SMD, it has continued to give full play to its technological synergy advantages, and the layout of marine engineering equipment has initially taken shape. Its involved fields have expanded outward from the original focus on offshore oil and gas, and the market has gradually expanded to the Asia Pacific region from the original limited to Europe and the United States, especially the Chinese market

it was revealed that since the beginning of this year, SMD has achieved positive results in the first quarter with its vigorous development of non oil and gas markets and continuous R & D investment. SMD has successively obtained large orders in the Netherlands, the Middle East, Japan and other places, with a total amount of more than 30million pounds. By the end of the first quarter, SMD had placed orders worth more than £ 40million

deep sea equipment is a high-end technology product that developed countries clearly restrict exports. In the past, China's deep-sea underwater robots were generally imported from abroad at high prices

to this end, SMD established a Chinese company in Shanghai in February this year. According to the plan, the company is responsible for overall technical planning, market management and other daily operations. In the future, it will introduce translational technology. In the next few weeks, it will introduce deep-sea robot equipment into China's marine market, gradually expand to nuclear power, tidal power generation and other application fields, and establish the industrialization base of Chinese mechanical and human equipment

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