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Gaoming residents reacted calmly when the new packaged salt entered the market

from July 1, the installation is also cheaper than the traditional method. From July 1, the salt packaged in paper and plastic will enter the market of Gaoming District. The retail price of each package of this new packaged salt is very objective compared with the old package. The price of the package has increased by 30%. A visit yesterday (June 29) found that Gaoming residents' response to this was flat, and there was no phenomenon of queuing to buy salt at salt sales points

at present, the salt sold in the market in Gaoming District adopts composite film packaging. Although the packaging price is relatively low, it is easy to be damaged and cannot be recycled, and the packaging does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. The adoption of paper plastic packaging can not only ensure that salt products meet health standards and environmental protection requirements, but also meet the multi-level consumption needs of residents, but the retail price of newly packaged salt has increased slightly

the quality of equipment is the condition to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results. The retail price of paper plastic packaged salt is set at 1.30 yuan per package, while the retail price of old packaged salt is only 1 yuan per package. Although the price of new packaged salt is higher, residents in Gaoming District have a flat response to this. The visit found that residents did not queue up to buy salt in Hecheng wholesale outlets and chain supermarkets under Gaoming branch of Foshan Salt Industry Corporation. Many residents believe that a family of three only uses about one bag of salt a month, and the retail price of the newly packaged salt is only 0.3 yuan higher than that of the old one, which will not burden the family

according to the introduction, there are still about 100 tons of old packaged salt in the market in Gaoming District, and the storage is sufficient. After the new packaged salt is listed, the old packaged salt will continue to be supplied. Foshan salt 3. Su Haiyuan, the manager of Gaoming branch of X-ray Industry Corporation, said that before the new packaged salt is listed, the salt company will continue to sell the old packaged salt to ensure market supply and stabilize the market salt price

source: Foshan

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