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New packaging material - aluminum spray paper

vacuum aluminum spray paper is a new type of paper packaging material. Its product has good surface finish, high smoothness, bright color, excellent barrier, moisture resistance and oxidation resistance, good lipophilicity, degradable and recyclable environmental protection, and low material cost. It is suitable for all kinds of printing processes. After being discarded, its aluminum layer will be oxidized in a short time, which will not cause environmental pollution. After being collected, the waste can also be sent to the paper mill for recycling

wine label paper is an aluminum spray wine label paper made of an imported base paper, which is waterproof and not easy to curl. It is mainly used for glass bottle labels that can be printed and need to be recycled (including body marks, back marks, neck marks, etc.). This kind of aluminum spray paper has good alkali resistance, alkali penetration resistance, printing performance, bottle sticking performance and off label performance when washing bottles. The method of surface embossing can also give wine label paper an elegant decorative effect

packaging paper the use of aluminum spray paper in food and drug packaging can solve the problem that powdered drugs packaged with composite packaging film are not easy to pour out due to electrostatic attraction. Aluminum spray packaging paper is divided into two kinds: low weight (above 50g/m2) and high weight (above 300g/m2). This kind of aluminum spray paper has good aluminum layer fastness, is not easy to dealuminate, and has good printing performance. The bottom paper used in the production of aluminum spray paper does not contain fluorescent brightener, and the chemical raw materials used are tasteless and non-toxic. Low weight aluminum spray packaging paper is mainly used for the packaging of chocolate, gum and other candy products. It has both the flexibility of paper and the air barrier performance of aluminum foil composite paper. High volume aluminum spray packaging cardboard is mainly used for the packaging and production of pastry boxes, cosmetics boxes, toothpaste boxes, wine boxes and gift boxes

laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum spray paper (commonly known as laser paper) is made by loading laser holographic patterns or text information onto the surface of aluminum spray paper by molding. The laser brightness of laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum spray transfer paper is higher than that of ordinary laser packaging machine 'target'=_ Blank> the cost of ABS plastic filaments, the consumables used in transparent film 3D printers, is not significantly reduced, and the brightness is several times higher, and the laser pattern is not easy to erase, which is not only anti-counterfeiting, but also adds a lot of color to the product

due to the special properties of aluminum spray paper, the paper-based spray test results in China analyze and compare the spatial finite element analysis value with the model test results with a single transverse slope. The aluminum packaging material market is currently in a stable growth stage

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