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In order to promote the new opportunity of cross-strait cold chain logistics, the 2012 Xinbei automation equipment and cold chain logistics exhibition, which brings together experts from the mainland, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, was held in Xinbei industry and Commerce Exhibition Center from October 5 to 9, 2012. The relevant forum Xinbei Super Cup robot competition was also held in the exhibition

the Economic Development Bureau of Xinbei municipal government said that the purpose of the activity is to promote regional economic development and industrial exchanges, cooperate with the municipal government to focus on the development of logistics industry, and jointly promote new opportunities for cross-strait cold chain logistics with the strength of Taiwan International Logistics and supply chain association

this solo exhibition includes seven theme areas: mechanical equipment, automatic control testing, hardware and accessories, energy and environmental protection, cold chain logistics, industry university cooperation zone and association, which gather high-quality product publicity and display related to the field of automation at home and abroad, and provide a professional platform for buyers at home and abroad and manufacturers on both sides of the Strait

on the 5th, the cold chain logistics Summit Forum took the lead, inviting us to ensure that we can produce batches in different countries at different times. We have developed special fixture products for all such transmissions. There is almost no quality difference. Cold chain logistics experts from the mainland, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan share the industrial development trend; On the 6th, Xinbei Super Cup robot competition kicked off brilliantly, with more than 40 teams participating, just like a mini steel challenge arena

at the event, there was a robot fight demonstration competition. Lin Qihuang, a seventh grade student in Banqiao Zhongshan middle school, brought angry birds to fight against the robots of Xiangyi enterprise. Both sides used fighting skills such as left hook, right hook, side kick and sacrifice skills to each other. All the defeated parties could quickly stand up again in 1 second

LUCONG, director of the robot intelligence research institute, has a wide range of speed conditioning. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company is 65.1 million yuan Yong. He said that the general competition robot takes 10 seconds to stand up immediately as the judgment standard, which shows that the robots of both sides are quite excellent and stable in program and structural design

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