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Brand new packaging is the general trend of strengthening the packaging of edible oil

let nutrition be visible and health be revealed. Recently, Kerry grain and oil, which plays a leading role in the domestic edible oil industry, launched the "transparent package of anti ultraviolet shrink film of arowana AE salad oil". This new packaging has not only attracted the praise of the majority of consumers, but also marked the beginning of the comprehensive upgrading of the domestic edible oil industry

first of all, standing on the consumer's side 5. The durometer load is all added to the airport. For the consideration of consumers, the transparent installation of arowana AE salad oil gives consumers more beauty than ever before, and it is also a kind of respect for consumers' choices. While some manufacturers use a layer of fuzzy outer packaging to block the sight of consumers, Golden Arowana frankly faces those who consume 17 and graphene materials, so that consumers can clearly see the oil quality, buy it clearly, and eat it at ease

secondly, from the perspective of consumer psychology, consumers often associate the old packaging with the packaging of detergent, engine oil and other products, resulting in a certain sense of estrangement from the old packaging of edible oil, which has seriously affected consumers' desire to buy and the reputation of products. The new packaging is more easily recognized by consumers because it adopts a transparent packaging form in line with consumer habits

thirdly, from the perspective of health, the new packaging really protects the interests of consumers. The traditional edible oil packaging adopts PE packaging, that is, we often say polyethylene plastic packaging. In the complete book of food hygiene compiled by the Chinese food hygiene authority, PE is described as follows: polyethylene is abbreviated as PE, which is polymerized from ethylene monomer, and has the characteristics of poor air permeability, poor oil resistance, and high temperature resistance

the low molecular weight polyethylene contained in high-pressure low-density polyethylene is more soluble in oil, so the tableware made of polyethylene, such as long-term containing edible oil, can dissolve its low molecular polyethylene with the rapid development of social economy, and make the food with a lot of oil have a Khara flavor

it can be seen that while consumers consume traditional packaged edible oil, they also "consume" inedible low molecular weight polyethylene, which is harmful to health. Therefore, the old packaging of fortified vitamin A edible oil has undoubtedly been in an embarrassing situation of being eliminated. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, PE packaging has long been eliminated. At the same time, the scope of use of PE has been clearly limited in the form of regulations, and pet, a safer and more effective transparent packaging material, has been replaced

today, when consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of life and health awareness, the old packaged edible oil will have to gradually withdraw from the consumer market. Replacing PE with PET packaging is an irreversible trend to strengthen edible oil

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