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Lucky II plastic appeared in print 09 with CTP plates and flexographs. Recently, one of the world's six major printing exhibitions, the American International Printing Exhibition, was successfully transferred to Yanliang, Shaanxi Province in November at the MC Cormick place in Chicago, USA. As one of the largest exhibitions in the world, the exhibition is as famous as Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Birmingham, England and Italian printing exhibition. This exhibition covers an area of 60000 square meters and has more than 650 exhibitors. Compared with the previous exhibition, it is defined to a certain extent as the shrinkage of the ratio of stress to corresponding strain when the ideal material has small deformation. It clearly shows the great impact of the financial crisis on the printing industry

the exhibition group of Rakai No. 2 film factory, led by deputy general manager Li synthetic and composed of import and export company, Research Institute and advertising planning department, took part in the exhibition with Huaguang series exhibits in 80 square meters. On our booth, the exquisite samples made by Huaguang CTP plates and flexo plates are hung on the 360 degree rotating display rack, lined up in a row, forming a beautiful scenery, which attracted many viewers to watch before. The full range of products has attracted attention in Chinese exhibitors and even exhibitions. During the exhibition, although our booth was not as bustling as domestic exhibitions, it always targeted customers. The booth design with Chinese characteristics and a cup of hot Chinese tea in Yixing tea cups with Chinese characteristics create a happy atmosphere. Many foreign guests inquired about our products with great interest. The new composite materials are also resilient. Looking at our exquisite samples, through the detailed introduction of technicians, they further learned about our enterprises and products, and expressed strong interest and cooperation intention

Zhang Jianheng, general manager of lucky group, accompanied by tengfangqian, the factory director, visited the exhibition to conduct in-depth research on the current international and market development trends. During the exhibition, Mr. Zhang, the director of Teng Fangqian, discussed the future market and technical cooperation plan and strategy with the presidents and dealers of several international companies, and signed the cooperation intention. The manager of the export department and the business staff made full use of the exhibition to have interested business negotiations with a large number of American printers. The exhibition received its intended purpose. The theme of this printing exhibition is my print, namely personalized printing. Personalized printing emphasizes meeting and solving the personalized needs of end customers. This requires printing plants to achieve personalized printing through appropriate technologies and solutions. At the same time, printing material suppliers are required to provide corresponding materials and system services according to the technology and solutions of the printing plant. The theme emphasizes a key customization. Its core lies in demand and participation, which will become a new concept for flexible expansion of printing control and management in the future. At the exhibition, almost all of the on-site demonstrations were personalized printing. Many exhibitors, whether international famous enterprises or some unknown small enterprises in the past, display personalized system processes or technical solutions that are most suitable for the needs of printing customers. These solutions can be internet printing solutions that simplify the purchase process; It can be the latest printing model; It can also be a workflow that can shorten the production cycle of live parts. These systems can not only provide comprehensive support to printing enterprises to help them achieve efficient operation from quotation to printing, but also help them to obtain higher profits. Although affected by the financial crisis, print 09 is not as good as the previous scenery, but it shows the latest development trends and concepts of the printing industry today. Through the exhibition, I, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on, realized their own gap and defined the future development direction. Whoever has the latest core technology has the initiative of survival and development. The same is true for us

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