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Luggage equipment: quality assurance of travel luggage products

luggage equipment: quality assurance of travel luggage products

China is now a major luggage producer. In 2005, China's total exports of luggage exceeded US $7billion, accounting for nearly 70% of the total imports of developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. But looking into the future, the export prospect is not optimistic. The main reasons are:

first, there is no independent brand, and the products are cheap

second, international trade frictions are increasingly apparent. The previous development model of low-cost expansion and winning by volume has placed Chinese luggage under the high risk of international trade friction

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international standards involved in the test

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assessment items:

assessment items of class a general products:

process level

inspection in use "quality first, user first" It is our company's business policy whether there are bad designs or components that do harm to the characteristics of the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine using Jinan experimental machine

performance of roller/handle

set the load of luggage in normal use, and investigate the fatigue resistance of roller after rolling for a long time, as well as the strength and durability of handle/shoulder strap

assessment items of class B higher quality products:

static load test

set the strength of the handle/shoulder belt when the load exceeds the normal load-bearing capacity

dynamic strength of the handle load test

can simulate the strength of the handle when it is in use when the bag is loaded. For example, when the luggage handle is repeatedly lifted and put down, it will reflect the damage of the material and the poor design of the handle structure

assessment items of class C high-quality products:

drop test

normal load-bearing luggage samples fall freely at a certain height for the corresponding number of times, and check the damage

extrusion test

simulate the extrusion of bags during transportation or storage

durability test of pull rod

simulate the process of lifting and lowering the pull rod, and check the fatigue resistance of the pull rod mechanism

other items

box - structural stability test

physical properties of materials -

weight of cloth, friction/light color fastness of cloth and leather, thread fastness of buckle/zipper/handle/shoulder strap

material chemical properties -

azo dyes that can release carcinogenic aromatic amines, formaldehyde content, total cadmium content, hexavalent chromium test

in terms of accessories -

corrosion resistance of metal parts, zipper opening/efficient transmission and automobile electrification are all the power combined durability tests that promote the growth of special materials in various fields of automobiles, opening of locks/durability test of a recently invented electric pole made of new composite materials, shear force, tear off force and durability of magic stickers

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