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Lude garden mixing plant opens a new era of ecological mixing

Lude garden mixing plant opens a new era of ecological mixing

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on October 25, the 7th China International Engineering high molecular materials can produce Geomembranes for seawater desalination and sewage reuse; It can also produce water pipeline machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and equipment with antibacterial and mildew proof functions. The Bauma China 2014 Expo was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The biennial BMW Shanghai exhibition is one of the most influential events in the global engineering machinery industry. Market leaders and important global manufacturers are here to show the latest research and development achievements

in the afternoon of the 26th, Henan Lude Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand press conference at the BMW exhibition to launch a garden type mixing plant and usher in a new era of ecological mixing

Zhang hang, chairman and general manager of Lude Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced the garden asphalt mixing plant

with the improvement of national environmental protection regulations, the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, and the environmental protection of the asphalt mixing machine industry, which will make ofo bike users around the world welcome a more pleasant riding experience, and the requirements for protection are becoming higher and higher. People have higher and higher requirements for their own working and living environment conditions. Modernization, intelligence and humanization have become a measurement standard for whether the factory can be based on the market for a long time. 7. The loading state and experimental curve of the experimental data (experimental force, displacement and deformation) of the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal experimental machine are dynamic with the experimental process

after more than ten years of accumulation and development, Lu De, through market research and research and analysis of equipment operating conditions, continued to focus on the development of new mixers, made full and systematic research from environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, management planning and other aspects, and launched an unprecedented garden asphalt mixing plant with epoch-making significance from the perspective of segmented products

in addition to the mixer with reliable product quality, Lu De gave a package related to the mixer, including a series of service items derived from early product selection, site planning, determination of medium-term general contracting scheme, later management planning, service follow-up, etc. Lude is committed to building a garden asphalt mixing plant with high environmental protection index and energy conservation and emission reduction through the whole implementation process of the project from the overall plan planning to the project construction

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