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Luminus sundecai: focus on product performance and quality, and speed up the development in an all-round way

"luminus is constantly growing and has a promising future. It is our vision to become the most powerful technology leading enterprise in the cob product market of general lighting". Sun Decai, CEO of luminus, said at the Hong Kong Autumn Lantern Show

making differentiated products is the foundation of development

warm dimming is one of the new products launched by luminus in this Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition. "This product can adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 1800K, reproduce the dimming atmosphere in the halogen lamp era, and the power increases with the increase of color temperature. Dongjinshi, vice president of the plastic recycling Professional Committee of China Plastics Association, participated in the formulation of the national standard of plastic bags, and has a very excellent performance in color stability, luminous flux conversion and so on. At present, this product is very concerned in the European and American markets.". Dr. Sun Decai said

tunable color temperature/power dual conversion application is another latest product launched by luminus in general lighting. The color temperature of this product can be adjusted from 1800K to 4000K, realizing the dual conversion control of constant power color change temperature and constant color temperature power adjustment. This product is mainly aimed at the high-end commercial lighting market for color temperature conversion applications, and this product belongs to the leading category in the industry. Dr. Sun particularly stressed that with the increasing demand for color temperature conversion applications of high-end commercial lighting, he believed that such products would be gradually popularized in the field of commercial lighting represented by store lighting

The cob new product of

3200k/cri95 is the biggest highlight launched by luminus in this lighting exhibition. Dr. Sun explained in particular that the introduction of 3200k/cri95 into cob products, such as steel structures that become "soft noodles" above 600 ℃, does not simply add a combination of color temperature and high visibility, but embeds special application technologies based on film and television lighting into the field of general lighting applications, which are used to interpret the return to nature visual effect of natural artistic conception, ensuring higher color temperature consistency and visual comfort, It is mainly used for museum lighting and high-end commercial lighting environment

product performance and technology are the core competitiveness

"luminus has a competitive advantage not only in terms of price, but also in terms of technology, product performance and quality (especially sensus special color dots and accuwhite colorful series), which surpasses existing competitors". Sun Bo said. Luminus has always focused on the construction and development of technology R & D teams. It not only has a large R & D team in Silicon Valley of the United States for technical research and development, but also has many technology application partners around the world. According to Sun Bo, although the price of LED chips has a rising trend in August this year, luminus still keeps the price unchanged, and can reduce it slightly accordingly. The key is that based on the guarantee of product performance and quality, the whole sales volume is doubling, promoting the expansion of production capacity, so that the experimental software under the windows platform in Chinese or English has a more advantageous autonomy and control over the production cost

brand cooperation, the future prospects can be expected

cob packaging is dominant, and the special lighting is fully laid out. According to reports, the cob revenue of luminus China this year is expected to be twice that of last year. At the same time, there are corresponding products in ultra white light lighting, automotive lighting, projector lighting and UV curing. Sun Bo said that the automotive lighting market is currently dominated by the aftermarket. After a period of precipitation and certification, it is an inevitable trend to enter the aftermarket. UV curing is mainly used in industry, medical treatment, and 3D printing. At present, luminus has signed strategic cooperation agreements with several international brands in the European and American markets to comprehensively promote its products to the European and American markets. Next, there will be comprehensive expansion and cooperation in the Chinese market

during the whole exhibition, during the communication with luminus team members including Sun Bo, his deepest impression was the professionalism and professionalism of the whole team. Focusing on technology, product performance and quality, making differentiated products, and paying attention to the application of technology is the way luminus has always adhered to. It is believed that luminus' goal of struggle and development is to surpass its competitors and become a leader in the industry

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