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Lude service upgrade: create a GPS global product service department, invite relevant academicians and experts to appraise the achievement

Lude service upgrade: create a GPS global product service system

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in the early morning of July 25th, 2014, Lude construction machinery 8s service center received that a hot aggregate elevator of an equipment in Zhejiang could not operate normally. After receiving it, Lude Electrical Engineer diagnosed the product control system through the "GPS global product service system", and found that the external emergency stop switch of the hot aggregate elevator did not reset, and there were problems with the receiver. He remotely guided the operator to make further inspection, and found that the adhesion of the receiver contact was not disconnected. Under the remote guidance of the engineer, the operator quickly reset the emergency stop switch, replaced the receiver, and the equipment began to operate normally. It took only a few minutes from receiving the customer to troubleshooting

Lude Zhuji service upgrade: create a GPS global product service system

remote fault diagnosis is only one of the service functions of Lude's "GPS global product service system". In addition to remote diagnosis, the service system also provides many services for Lude mixing plant, such as remote program upgrade, remote operation guidance training, maintenance reminder, remote equipment overhaul and so on. The distance between the customer's site and Lude engineer is shortened. The engineer can diagnose and repair the equipment in real time through the system, train and remind the operator, and let professional guidance accompany the customer

in fact, as early as the 2012 Shanghai BMW exhibition, Lu Dezhu's "GPS global product service system" has been exhibited and demonstrated on site. GPS in Lude's "GPS global product service system" is the abbreviation of English global product service. It is a system that uses 3g/4g/wireless network and ADSL wired network to provide a variety of services for Lude's mixing plant products worldwide

Lude's "GPS global product service system" is the first application of IOT technology in asphalt mixing plant products. As an important subject with broad prospects and enhancing the competitiveness to restore the experimental machine to its original state, Lude construction machinery maintains a keen sense of smell, and is ahead of plastic pipes, energy-saving doors and windows, and thermal insulation materials. As early as 2011, it established the service system project, and has successively widened the construction site in Luoyang pmt360 Lianhuo expressway, Long term tests were carried out at the construction site of Xinjiang pmt460 China Railway 13th Bureau, Henan ld240+80 regeneration site, and many construction sites where Lude products such as Kazakhstan and Malaysia are located

at present, Lude's "GPS global product service system" has developed into a mature information service system, which has become the standard configuration of Lude's high-end products. It has been used in many construction sites, and will gradually develop into Lude's own IOT of mixing station, so as to improve the after-sales service level of Lude construction machinery through intelligent IOT technology

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