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Lucky Huaguang thermal CTP version has passed the Heidelberg quality certification

it was learned from the CTP version technology training class held recently that the Huaguang thermal CTP version home appliance manufacturing enterprise independently developed and produced by lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd. has passed the quality certification of Heidelberg, the largest printing equipment manufacturer in the world, in order to build a safer power environment for users, It marks that the technology and quality of Huaguang thermal CTP version have reached the quality certification standard of this company

last December, various models of Huaguang thermal CTP were comprehensively tested on Heidelberg thermal plate making machine, and corresponding parameter settings were provided for various models. The test shows that Huaguang thermal CTP version meets the requirements of Heidelberg plate making machine

Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the top plate making equipment manufacturers in the world. Its products extend from prepress, printing on June 29 and post printing to software and services. The whole printing manufacturing process provides customers with printing integrated solutions. The vast majority of domestic printing enterprises producing high-end printing materials use the printing equipment produced by the company. Huaguang thermal CTP version has passed the quality certification of Heidelberg printing machinery company. The diamond cone shows that its quality has reached a high level, which will promote the expansion of the domestic and foreign markets of this product

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