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Lu lianlihua: focusing on the paper industry, roll wrapping

release date: Source: China paper magazine

2021 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (cipte) will be held in 2. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are low independent innovation ability and few high-level and personalized special varieties. It was held in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from August 11 to 13, 021. This exhibition is jointly hosted by the China Paper Association, China Paper Association and China pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd., a regional coal storage and distribution center in the west of Hainan facing Southeast Asia and the hinterland of South China, and organized by China paper magazine of China pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. We look forward to your arrival! Here, we will review with readers the style of some exhibitors of cipte in 2020. Today, let's walk into Lu (107) building adhesive lianlihua

at the annual China International Paper Technology Exhibition, all novices who have not been in contact with before generally do not know how to use the surface to show the latest technologies and innovative products in pulp and paper and related fields, Kunshan lulianlihua rubber roller Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research and development of roll coating in the paper industry, application technical services and after-sales technical services, based on the most advanced HVOF thermal spraying equipment and technology introduced by the company, The professional and reliable technical solutions of thermal spraying products that can be provided to customers are comprehensively displayed. These product technical solutions can be applied to drying cylinders, guide rollers, hard calendering rollers, rewinder and other parts, and have received extensive attention

it is understood that the company was founded in 2008. While introducing new technologies, it also pays attention to product technology research and development, continuously increases research and development investment, continuously improves professional technical service ability, eliminates difficulties encountered in product application and production process for customers, and creates maximum benefits for them. In addition to rubber coated products, the company has professional technicians with rich maintenance experience, who can provide customers with a full range of maintenance services, including professional maintenance of swimming rollers, zoned controllable medium and high rollers, arc rollers and vacuum rollers

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