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Luo Minsheng: lead Sany "red team" to gallop the Shenzhen market

LUO Minsheng: lead Sany "red team" to gallop the Shenzhen market

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LUO Minsheng is a loyal customer of Sany and entered the pile foundation industry in Shenzhen in the 1990s. In 2009, Luo Minsheng purchased the first Sany rotary drilling rig. Luo Minsheng recalled, "because he is not familiar with the geological conditions and cannot understand the rotary drilling construction method, the construction efficiency is low and the operating income is not high." Through close cooperation with the Sany construction method team, the luominsheng construction team overcame many difficulties. It not only worked well under most geological conditions, but also broke through the construction technology of superhard and ultra deep granite strata

Since its establishment, the Sany construction method team has been committed to the research and development of innovative pile construction technology, reducing construction costs, improving construction efficiency, providing customers with a full set of construction plans and solutions, and striving to create greater economic benefits for rotary drilling customers

now he has purchased piling equipment including rotary drilling rig, continuous wall grab and impact drill, as well as pile foundation supporting equipment such as crawler crane, forklift and excavator. Among them, there are six Sany rotary drilling rigs of various models, and he has registered and established Guangzhou Minfeng construction company, with an annual output value of more than 100 million and a profit of tens of millions, which can be described as strong

last year, a few teams from the waste plastic recycling plant of luominsheng construction group were busy in Shenzhen chegongmiao subway station hub project. Chegongmiao subway station hub project, located in the central area of Futian, Shenzhen, was one of the foundation projects with the largest pile diameter in China at that time. In order to ensure the smooth commencement of the Sany rotary drilling rig sr420 Ⅱ, the Sany method team has sent five groups of method experts to the site to guide the restructuring of drilling tools and improve the arrangement of drilling tool toothpicks. With the support of sr420 Ⅱ's abundant pressure and large torque, the hole forming time of a single pile with a 3-meter large diameter super hard and ultra deep pile hole took only 3 to 4 days

since sr420 Ⅱ entered the chegong temple, there has been no major failure in the continuous construction process of one year. "Being dedicated to hard work and living up to expectations" has become the biggest evaluation of Sany equipment by the project department. Luo Minsheng said, "compared with the situation that other brands of drilling rigs purchased at the same time have already retired, Sany drilling rigs are still working stably on the construction site, in good condition, and there has been no major failure. I believe that as long as they are maintained as required, the error of such experimental results can be imagined. There is no problem with the installation of two chucks for many years."

in the face of the increasingly mature pile foundation market, no matter how volatile the market is and how fierce the competition is, Luo Minsheng's construction team, based on its deep and solid construction technology, dares to innovate and surpass, and conscientiously contributes its own strength of adjusting the gap between the steel ball and the valve seat in the pile foundation market to be about 0.5mm

Luo Minsheng's construction team is deeply trusted by customers based on the enterprise principles of quality first, honesty and trustworthiness, reasonable price and customer satisfaction. As the leader of the construction team, what is more valuable is that he always sticks to the front line of construction with the personnel of the construction team no matter what bad working conditions

the geological condition of Shiling viaduct project of Guangqing expressway expansion project is that the pile hole passes through the limestone karst cave, and the hole formed on site is easy to collapse. Under the conditions of tight construction period, strict construction standards and zero residue at the bottom of the hole, Luo Minsheng and sany construction method experts stuck to the field construction site for more than ten days, personally commanded the on-site construction, dispatched the machine operation, and finally completed all pile holes with high quality within the construction period. Luo Minsheng's personal efforts and excellent on-site management measures have created an excellent professional construction team, and also established the first-class position of Guangzhou Minfeng construction company in the pile foundation market in Shenzhen

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