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Lunan Machine Tool leads the development of Tengzhou machine tool industry

before coming to Tengzhou, Shandong, which is known as the "capital of small and medium-sized machine tools in China", I didn't know that there were more than 700 machine tool manufacturing enterprises here

however, the so-called "capital of small and medium-sized machine tools in China" is obviously not the number of light enterprises. Only enterprises with certain strength and products with relevant scientific and technological content can support its position in the industry

regional industry incubator

the acceptance meeting of the "1025" National Science and technology support plan "research and development and utilization demonstration of energy-saving intelligent CNC plastic injection machine" project of Shandong Lunan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was held in Wuhan. The company (hereinafter referred to as Lunan machine tool) is undoubtedly the representative of Tengzhou machine tool industry. It is understood that the application materials of Tengzhou "the capital of small and medium-sized machine tools in China" are mainly based on Lunan Machine tools, so as to highlight the achievements of the region's industrial economy in terms of market share, popularity and scientific and technological content of products at home and abroad

no wonder Liu Weidong, President of Shandong Machinery Industry Association, said that the rise of Tengzhou machine tool industry is directly related to Lunan Machine Tool Industry and is an incubator for regional industrial development

according to Liu Weidong, the main product of Lunan Machine Tool in the 1980s was drilling and milling machines. Later, driven and radiated by the business policy of "two ends inside and the middle outside", Tengzhou machine tool manufacturing industry flourished. At present, there are 738 machine tool manufacturing enterprises in Tengzhou, including 225 Enterprises above Designated Size, with a total number of employees of more than 50000. The annual output of various machine tools is nearly 200000, and the output of drilling and milling machines accounts for 80% of the total output of the country

however, while highlighting the regional industrial advantages, this data will undoubtedly cause hidden worries about the homogenization of low-cost competition among enterprises in the region. As a leading enterprise in the regional industry, Lunan Machine tool has long begun to turn to the R & D and manufacturing of medium and high-end CNC machine tools, and is now at the turning point of harvesting brands and further transformation and upgrading by taking advantage of technological advantages

the future product positioning of Lunan Machine tool is to take medium and high-grade CNC lathes and machining centers as the leading role, and feature high-precision and efficient special CNC machine tools. At the same time, it will develop key functional components of CNC machine tools such as high-speed motorized spindles and power turrets, as well as matching products such as variable-frequency motors and servo motors. The future goal of the company is to build a domestic first-class and even world-famous machine tool enterprise group with international and connotative development of technology and quality fastener universal testing machine testing standards and services

xulongquan, chairman of Lunan Machine tool, said, "it seems premature to say this now. After all, Lunan Machine tool has an obvious gap in scale with domestic leading enterprises, but we have accumulated obvious development advantages, and the next 3-5 years is the time for enterprises to prepare."

Xu Longquan is obviously confident in saying this. First of all, the company's "t" brand trademark is "China's well-known trademark", which is one of the few in the national machine tool industry; Secondly, the company's turning centers, EDM micro hole machining machines and other products have achieved domestic leadership; The most important thing is that the enterprise has cultivated a large number of backbone talents in machine tool R & D and manufacturing in the long-term development, and they have formed a good habit of refining quality

it is understood that the operation and use of Lunan axis sub control multi-function testing machine tools are currently distributed in five production areas in Zaozhuang, Tengzhou and Shanting, two provincial-level key technology centers and two domestic and foreign sales companies. During the interview, it was found that the 10000 square meter technology research center building located in the new plant area of Tengzhou Development Zone has been put into use. According to reports, it will become the research and development base of Lunan Machine Tool and provide technical support for regional industrial development. Lunan Machine Tool hopes to become a national technology center here. At present, the turning center and CNC lathe production line have been moved to the new plant, and the company's planned phase III project focusing on "precision" manufacturing is pending construction, which is expected to become an industrial base of high-end precision CNC machine tools and key functional components after completion

doing more with one stone

tmc25 turning and milling complex machining center and power turret research and development is the highlight of Lunan Machine tool to build a "precision" production base. The company's employees said that this is only the beginning. But this is obviously a good start

at the end of 2009, at the product appraisal meeting of tmc25 turning and milling compound machining center, Cheng Ting, honorary director of China Machine Tool Industry Association, commented: "it should be said that this machine tool has a position in the development history of China's machine tool industry, and there are many highlights in both the technical level of the whole machine and the power turret and other parts."

after visiting the turning and milling complex center and the power turret, which were identified as "the advanced level of similar international products", the identification experts told that the power turret is the core component of the turning and milling complex machining center, and the powerful manufacturers in the world adopt the method of independent research and development, which is conducive to the characteristics of matching machine tools, give full play to the maximum performance, and take this as the selling point of machine tools

it is for the same reason that Lunan Machine Tool started to develop 22KW built-in motorized spindle and built-in 12 position power turret, the key components with independent property rights, while developing tmc25 series turning and milling compound center

according to Bai Di, the technical director of Lunan Machine tool, the bmt65 power turret developed by the company combines the advantages of VDI (German quick change tool holder) and BMT (seat surface fixed tool holder), and can develop special tool holders according to the special processing needs of customers. The built-in servo motor is the power of tool change and drives the power tool. The power tool can be configured for 12 tool positions, and the tool change time is only 0.3 seconds. The large-diameter ultra-high precision three tooth disc is used to accurately position the cutter head, ensuring that it has sufficient rigidity in any cutting situation. Even if the inner diameter cutter handle with the largest size is installed, it will not interfere with the collet. Previously, this was a blank in the development history of power turret in China

"turning milling compound processing is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in recent years, and it is also an important research and development content of major science and technology projects in China". According to the company's technical personnel, "Lunan Machine tool aims to form a full range of products in 2-3 years and strive to occupy the high-end market of turning centers."

is poised to build a national new material testing and evaluation regional center, and the attention of products such as

turning and milling composite center in the industry also makes Xu Longquan very satisfied

according to Zheng Hongwei, the Lunan Machine Tool sales company, when Lunan Machine Tool took the prototype to the exhibition at the 2009 China International Machine Tool Exhibition, it attracted the interest of many colleagues and users in the industry. A northeast customer began to pay attention to the complete machine and turret of Lunan Machine tool at the China International Machine Tool Exhibition in April, and asked whether the power turret was independently developed by Lunan Machine tool, At the Shanghai East Expo in August, they once again paid great attention and proposed to visit Lunan Machine tool. In September, the general manager of the enterprise went to Lunan in person

Xu Longquan said, "they probably doubt that these products are not independently developed by Lunan Machine tools, and they also want to see the preparation of enterprises for industrialization. It is understandable that at present, domestic turning and milling composite machining centers have just started, and they are not satisfied with their R & D capabilities or supporting parts. After all, most of the key components of domestic turning and milling composite machining centers are still imported."

he believes that the accuracy of turrets and machine tools, in addition to the high quality of machining parts, must also be reflected by highly skilled assembly technicians, which is also the core competitiveness of Lunan Machine tools, which is proud of at present - quality internationalization and constantly improving the quality of service teams

since 2009, the company has begun to implement the new factory acceptance standard for enterprise finished products, which is higher than the national standard and close to the standards of Germany and Japan, and generally improves the accuracy of products by more than 20% compared with the national standard, including the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools, repeated positioning accuracy and spindle rotation accuracy, and other key items up to 60%

continuous efforts to improve quality, especially the implementation of new standard measures, have made gratifying achievements in the market sales of Lunan Machine tools. Under the influence of the financial crisis, the orders of medium and high-end CNC machine tools of the company doubled than before, thus offsetting the decline in the export share of economic CNC machine tools. In particular, 16 CLK6140S CNC lathes of Lunan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. were selected as the only equipment in the third national workers' vocational skills competition, which was jointly held by the all China Federation of trade unions, the Ministry of labor and social security and other four units

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