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Lujiang power supply 95588 completes the power supply service during the adjustment period of Chaohu zoning

the Spring Festival is approaching. Recently, Anhui Lujiang power supply company 95598 customer service center has earnestly implemented the deployment and requirements of Chaohu administrative zoning adjustment, enhanced the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the work, and focused on doing a good job in the smooth channel of 95598 to ensure the satisfaction of millions of people

with the continuous decline of the weather, the power load is rising, especially after the withdrawal of Chaohu City and the zoning adjustment, many problems such as regional line connection have occurred in the business adjustment of mobile and telecom companies, ensuring that the high-quality service during the power transition period this year "does not fall off the chain" has become the focus of Anhui Lujiang power supply company's current work

95598 customer service center, as the front line of power supply service window, in order to do a good job of power supply quality service during the Spring Festival, from New Year's day, effective measures have been taken to arrange and deploy, and smooth business circulation channels have been established to ensure that 95598 power supply is reheated and does not fall off the chain for 24 hours. Go all out to do a good job in power supply services for this Spring Festival. 95598 customer service center specially set up a leading group for high-quality service during the Spring Festival, and arranged all work in advance and in detail; Check the condition of 95598 hardware equipment and the operation condition of 95598 system, and timely rectify the problems found, so as to eliminate the hidden dangers of equipment operation and ensure the safe and reliable operation of 95598 system

in order to ensure the smooth service of 95598, Lujiang 95598 call center has an external direct system in addition to its own system. In the event of an emergency, when the system cannot be accessed due to congestion, the attendant will transfer to the direct system, which will connect faster and serve customers in time. At the same time, strengthen the information communication with the emergency repair department. After the fault repair application is accepted, it will be the first among all kinds of packaging materials and sent to the relevant departments at the first time, and through supervision, return visits to customers and statistics of customer repair satisfaction rate. For large-scale power failure, contact the person in charge of the local power supply station and the emergency repair operation and maintenance team in time to understand the fault situation, the progress of emergency repair, strengthen the supervision of emergency repair, timely do a good job in the explanation of customers, and fight for the "Spring Festival" service

the disclosure of power supply information, especially in the event of power supply failure, has become the focus of attention of all sectors of society. Therefore, in addition to opening information release channels such as voice system platform and short message platform, the company also negotiated and reached a consensus with the head of Lujiang people's radio station at the first time to facilitate special people, and set up a "power information broadcast" column, which increased the difficulty of fixture design and expanded the power failure information release platform. Through these short messages, media and other means, the information such as the reason, scope and estimated time of power failure are published in a timely and rapid manner, which not only saves human resources, but also improves work efficiency, and realizes rapid and timely information and diversified information platforms

in addition, the company requires leaders to take charge of the shift system during holidays. In case of holidays, major weather changes, large-scale failures and power outages, the head of the company's marketing department participates in the "95598" service answering, on-site arrangement, work arrangement, and difficult problems, so as to respond quickly and solve them in place, ensure customers' electricity consumption at the first time, provide good services, patiently communicate with customers, obtain customers' understanding, and maintain the brand image of the power enterprise

lighting up the window and winning the hearts of the people has become the code of action for 95598 girls. They continue to strengthen their own learning, conscientiously implement the new "three ten", master the new "three ten", "new electricity price policy" and other business knowledge, and let customers "solve problems one by one". In particular, after the company carried out the theme practice activities of "treating the service object as a family member" and "serving the people first and striving for excellence", the 95598 call center aimed at the migrant workers returning home for the holiday. When answering and communicating with customers, it stood on the customer's point of view, thought in an alternate position, reflected quickly, and practically achieved "you use electricity, I use my heart", which won the praise of customers

according to statistics, the total number of calls in this month is 72833, of which the total number of manual services is 60337 (not direct), and the total number of automatic queries is 12558; 1690 cases of all kinds of fault repair were accepted, of which 1690 cases were completed. A total of 1690 cases of repair business were returned, with a return visit rate of 100%; 3. The customer was not answered and could not pay a return visit. The success rate of the return visit was 4.3. Raising the handles on both sides of the steel plastic tube bending tester was 99.82%, and the satisfaction rate was 100%; Four complaints were accepted, all of which were caused by external factors; The staff of each power supply window convinced us that Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has some experience on each kind of experimental machine to share with the big household norms, and there is no violation. This is the best report card of the company 95598 over the years. Urban and rural economic channel

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