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Luno green energy lighting: the 2019 autumn new product tasting will open brightly

the autumn is clear and crisp, so we focus on the high-performance market, which is at the time of a bumper harvest. On September 17, 2019, the headquarters team of luno green energy lighting and dealers all over the country gathered at Jiangmen Palace Hotel to ceremoniously carry out the "2019luno green energy photo is used to determine the pressure resistance of cartons, and the new product tasting meeting in the next autumn"

at the beginning of the conference, Mr. Li Song, general manager of luno green home LED lighting division, delivered a speech. President Li first extended sincere greetings to all the guests who came to the scene, and briefly explained the purpose of this autumn Tasting: in order to support the terminal sales business of all partners, the headquarters continued to develop new products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. I hope you can witness the new products of luno green energy lighting and share this glory and joy together

in order to make luno green lighting move forward quickly and steadily, it is essential to constantly understand market trends and formulate efficient and applicable enterprise strategies. Mr. Luo Quanxing, vice president of green energy group, made a wonderful speech on the theme of "industry environment analysis and mode innovation strategy". He deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges in the environment of China's lighting industry, and explained the all-round innovative development mode of luno green energy lighting one by one

then, Mr. Feng Guangwei, marketing director of luno green energy lighting, continued to share dry goods - marketing strategy. Feng Zong clarified the terminal sales ideas for the distribution merchants, and pointed out that the marketing concepts and actions should conform to the market changes, be brave to change in the fierce competition, focus on brand characteristics, channel characteristics and product advantages, concentrate on store operations, constantly improve the service level, and face a better tomorrow

the dealers on site were immersed in an atmosphere of in-depth learning and communication, and deeply felt the strong strength and determination of luno green energy lighting headquarters. The popularity of the conference continues to rise to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world. Everyone is looking forward to the next new product release! The nonstandard production and construction is misleading

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