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Can you switch from role to audio? The voice cloud of Jietong Huasheng Lingyun is newly launched


recently, Lingyun voice cloud has been upgraded! Lingyunle theory has newly added voice synthesis function, which can be divided into roles to synthesize dialogue; Lingyun Lezhi has added a new summary function and subtitle display. Xiao Ling admires its powerful functions. In addition, there is a new interface, which greatly improves the user experience. Come and have a look

intimate and powerful functions

this upgrade has ushered in a major breakthrough in the functions of Lingyun voice cloud

Lingyun Leshi provides users with voice transcribing function. At present, it supports Chinese, English and Sichuan dialect. In this upgrade, Lingyun Lezhi has added abstract, subtitle display and multi audio transcribing functions

the heating temperature shall not exceed 30 ° C. It can be transcribed in a large segment of audio. Important sentences can be quickly extracted from the results as audio summaries, and the contents can be modified at any time

in addition to the manuscript format, Lingyun Lexi also supports the presentation of the transcribed results in the form of subtitles, meeting the media's needs for segmented audio transcribing

lingyunle said that it provides speech synthesis services. You can directly paste or import the words you want to say to the station to synthesize beautiful sounds comparable to real people. The sound files can be directly exported. The software control system of the 4-ball friction and wear tester can be divided into different functions, and can also be linked or scanned for sharing

in this upgrade, lingyunle said that it has launched the multi voice synthesis function, which can set the two person dialogue scene in the sample vehicle design stage. In front of the text, the tone, speed, intonation and other information of the two people are preset. In the subsequent text process, the speaker can be selected to synthesize the recording

lingyunle said that there is also a small function hidden, that is, pause. In good text, we can add pauses in appropriate places to make speech synthesis more personified

the simple and clear interface

places the two modules of transcription and synthesis directly on the home page, and the operation is clear at a glance. You can also directly enter the function interface from the navigation bar to jump to all complicated operations and say no

a new path is added to the Lingyun Leshi and leshuo function interface to show order creation - payment order - payment completion, so that customers can follow every step of operation; Secondly, add payment details and third-party payments (Alipay and). You can also complete order creation without recharging cloud currency

the new my order page integrates multiple interfaces such as user account, Lingyun Leshi leshuo task and order, providing great convenience for users

seeing here, can't you wait to experience it? What are you waiting for? Come and experience

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