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Vista device realizes the technological innovation of carton window pasting

camarack Vista carton window pasting processing device recently put into the UK market by cava (UK) Co., Ltd. can realize online integration with the carton pasting machine in the carton processing production line, so as to integrate the window pasting and carton pasting processes into one, reduce the setting time and cleaning time of the window pasting process in carton processing, simplify the production steps and save production space, The efficiency of window pasting processing is improved. The fashionable and practical design of Vista carton window pasting device can be perfectly combined with the newly purchased or existing box pasting machines. Its standard modules can be installed on various types of box pasting machines or according to the individual needs of customers. Vista carton window pasting device is generally installed between the pre folding part and the final folding part of the carton pasting machine. It can be installed at any position in the transverse direction of the carton pasting machine, and can be lifted and disengaged when not needed. The standardized vacuum belt conveyor box can be installed by the operator based on the processing requirements of printing, and can well cooperate with the carton window pasting processing. The film size specification of carton window pasting is 50 ~ 460mm long and 25 ~ 355mm wide. The window pasting speed can be synchronized with the box pasting speed, reaching 155 M/min


vista carton window pasting processing device adopts servo drive technology and scanning system, which provides the processing ability of gluing on demand, precise die cutting and window pasting for carton window pasting processing. The device can automatically stop the window pasting when there are some faults such as blank gap change, wrong box feeding and lack of box on the feeding table during the carton window pasting process. It uses a high-speed scanner to detect whether the information transmitted by the carton is correct, so as to determine whether the carton window pasting device pastes the window, and uses an advanced encoder to obtain the information of the carton pasting speed. The signal detected by the scanner is transmitted to the feeding mechanism of the window pasting device. The system measures the precise size of the window pasting film according to the window pasting length input by the operator through the control touch screen. The gluing device applies cold gel to the window film as required. After the die-cutting device cuts the window film as required, the vacuum tape pastes the paper box corresponding to the die-cut window film at the same speed as the box pasting machine under the condition of accurate registration and the same speed

many innovative products have passed UL, CE, NSF and other third-party certification. Vista carton window pasting device has many advantages, such as fast setting and fast cleaning. The operator only needs to input the window pasting length and carton length on the control touch screen, and the servo drive will provide automatic electronic signal conversion to control the equipment adjustment. A 460mm wide roll of window pasting film is installed on the window pasting feeding device. Its automatic roll changing device can ensure continuous feeding. The set gluing contour can be displayed on the control touch screen, so that the operator can easily remove the upper offset plate cylinder and install the upper offset plate very conveniently

vista the gluing device in the carton window pasting device adopts the sealing scraper system, and has the characteristics that the glue bucket roller and the plate roller idle during non gluing time, so as to avoid the drying of the adhesive. The structural design of the light rubber bucket roller and the plate cylinder makes it easy to remove, thus facilitating the cleaning of the rubber bucket. Tamarack's patented quick change blade holding bars provide secondary adjustment of the blade in five levels, enabling the operator to adjust the blade safely and conveniently, thus minimizing the downtime of the box pasting machine. The operator's preset time for Vista carton to be approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China to prepare the window pasting device of the national printed circuit board quality inspection center is generally within 30 minutes, and the cleaning work will not exceed 20 minutes

in addition to film window pasting, Vista carton window pasting device can also measure, cut and paste most coiled materials, such as tape coiled materials (for envelope sealing), composite coiled materials (for strengthening carton strength), preprinted paper or label coiled materials (coupons), and special window pasting coiled materials (window pasting of microwave popcorn paper bags). The utility model can also be used for the common X or S-shaped die-cut polyethylene film window pasting of the paper towel box, and can also realize the window pasting processing of the built-in RFID and other security identification devices

information source: the "upstream and downstream" business transformation mode from R & D to production, such as the global color box industry, is used in decision-making

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