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Vogel optoelectronics/United optoelectronics/shentianma have joined the off screen fingerprints. In 2018, the off screen fingerprint identification technology has become the hottest trend in the industry. The off screen fingerprint supply chain, including IC solution providers, module manufacturers, wafer manufacturers, panel manufacturers and machine manufacturers, has also increased their investment in off screen fingerprints. In addition, some cross-border enterprises also began to enter the fingerprint identification industry, which was not lively for a while

for the development of fingerprint industry, it is undoubtedly a good thing that some big players come in. Once upon a time, many people in the industry worried that fingerprint recognition would be replaced by 3D sensing, and eventually disappeared on the Internet. Now they can also let go

recently, good news about the research and development of driving precision hydraulic cylinder in off screen fingerprint has come one after another, and many manufacturers are scrambling to release the dynamics and achievements of this technology. Among them are well-known enterprises such as Vogel optoelectronics, United optoelectronics and shentianma

Vogel optoelectronics: newly developed under screen fingerprint technology research and development

public information shows that Vogel optoelectronics' main business is FPD optoelectronic glass finishing. Its customers are mainly flat panel display industry chain enterprises such as display panels and touch display modules. Its main customers include many well-known large enterprises in the industry, such as Shenzhen Tianma, BOE, TCL group, Laibao hi tech

in June this year, Shenzhen watega comprehensive screen products of vogue optoelectronics company passed the comprehensive screen quality certification of Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and other terminal enterprises. It is reported that Vogel optoelectronics, as a technology intensive enterprise, attaches great importance to the development of new products, technologies and processes in the industry. At present, the company has completed the research and development of sputtering coating equipment for TFT-LCD, industrialization and ultra hard film technology in its existing research and development project, the force application beam drives the heavy head 1 to move downward at the required speed to complete the experiment; The final test of the thinning research and development of G5 generation line glass substrate has been completed and mass production has been realized; The microwave function coating technology applied in the field of long-distance wireless charging and 5g communication has entered the pilot stage

on December 18, in the investor relations activity, Vogel optoelectronics said that the company closely followed the market trends and added a number of R & D projects. Among them, 3D glass cover plate and back plate with full glass manufacturing process have been newly developed to realize the coating process of various color effects, as well as the research and development of off screen fingerprint technology suitable for, which is currently in the basic research stage

according to this time node, the off screen fingerprint technology applicable to Vogel optoelectronics is expected to be effective early next year. With the further penetration of off screen fingerprint identification technology next year, it seems that the company is expected to seize the development node of off screen fingerprint in 2019

United optoelectronics: it has relevant reserves of patent technology for off-screen fingerprint identification.

United optoelectronics is a company focusing on the R & D and production of optical and optoelectronic products, which can quickly provide customers with personalized optical product design and comprehensive solutions. Its products are applied to camera modules, digital cameras, video cameras, vehicle mounted camera systems, security monitoring and other fields

in addition to ensuring its competitive advantage in high-end optical lens products by virtue of its rich technology accumulation and industry leading advantages, with the continuous upgrading of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, in-depth learning, AI augmented reality, biometrics, IOT, etc., United optoelectronics also continues to seize the opportunity to develop and layout new field markets

in November this year, United optoelectronics said on the interactive platform that the company had relevant reserves of patented technologies for off screen fingerprint identification. As early as the first half of this year, United optoelectronics has applied for a patent for an off-screen fingerprint identification optical system called "an off-screen fingerprint identification imaging system"

according to the patent, the key point of the technical scheme is that an aperture hole, a leading lens, a filter and a COMS photosensitive film are set from the object surface to the image surface at one time. The aperture hole is set at the rear of the screen. The leading lens is a positive focal length lens. The leading surface facing the object surface is an oblate aspheric surface, and the second surface facing the image surface is a hyperbolic aspheric surface

in addition, the under screen fingerprint identification imaging system of the invention has ultra-thin thickness, ultra-small volume and large field of view. This optical under screen fingerprint identification optical system will gradually replace the current mainstream capacitive fingerprint identification, which is in line with the overall screen development trend, can achieve a resolution of more than 100000 pixels, meet the performance requirements of the image surface, and extract enough fingerprint information

currently, there are two kinds of off screen fingerprint identification schemes: optical off screen fingerprint and ultrasonic off screen fingerprint. Huiding and siliwei have developed the optical fingerprint identification technology, while Qualcomm has developed the ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology. At present, most manufacturers adopt the former scheme

in addition, there are different schemes for optical off screen fingerprint technology. From the current market, COMS scheme and collimator scheme are mainly adopted. It is reported that vivo X21, vivo nex and Meizu 16 adopt collimator scheme, while oppo R17 series adopts COMS scheme

the optical under screen fingerprint invented by United optoelectronics may be another technical solution that is different from the COMS solution and the collimator solution. Although there is no actual product at present, if mass production is realized in the future, United optoelectronics will compete with huiding technology, a popular star in the field of fingerprint identification, and new noble ideas

shentianma: the off screen fingerprint display project has been started

both optical and ultrasonic off screen fingerprints need to be equipped with OLED display panels. Therefore, intelligent complete machine manufacturers have also begun to increase the procurement demand for OLED panels, which is undoubtedly a good development opportunity for global AMOLED panel manufacturers. In 2018, the top four domestic brand manufacturers of huami ov also increased the procurement proportion of AMOLED projects

on September 18, shentianma said on the interactive platform that AMOLED is the main off-screen fingerprint technology that has been mass produced in the market. The company has launched the off-screen fingerprint display project that the precision loading speed should meet the requirements of the new standard, and is actively promoting it

it is reported that in the AMOLED field, Shanghai Tianma organic light emitting display technology Co., Ltd. acquired by the company has a g5.5 AMOLED production line, which has achieved mass production, and a g5.5 expansion line has achieved mass production capacity

at the same time, the 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line of Wuhan Tianma also officially produced and shipped to brand customers in June this year. In addition, the company plans to increase investment by 14.5 billion yuan to expand the capacity of the 6th generation AMOLED production line. After the construction and operation of phase II project, Tianma Wuhan G6 OLED production line will form a total capacity of 37.5k/month for flexible AMOLED display panels

in the short term, although Tianma can not compete with Samsung, the yield and quality have been greatly improved. In the next oneortwo years, the company can take advantage of the rapid penetration of fingerprints under the screen, seize market development opportunities and win good development space. At the same time, the mass production of AMOLED screens will also greatly promote the popularity of off screen fingerprints

generally speaking, at present, the off-screen fingerprint is still the most popular biometric technology. Vogel optoelectronics, United optoelectronics and shentianma grasp the trend of the times and devote themselves to R & D and production of projects related to off-screen fingerprint, injecting new vitality into the fingerprint identification market

in addition, according to the prediction of market research institutions, the number of people using off screen fingerprint technology will grow rapidly in 2019, and it is expected that the shipment volume using this technology will reach 100million. At present, optical off screen fingerprint recognition is one of the leading technical solutions. However, in the face of the huge market space, every technology provider has the possibility of attacking others later

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