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With originality ・ Chinese classicism, Shuangding international doors and windows combine tradition and modernity, and encounter ・ poetic classicism

encounter ・ poetic classic

simple and elegant ・ gentle and implicit


simple Chinese decoration

traditional Chinese decoration, mostly with complex carvings and heavy colors, shows a solemn and elegant charm, but when applied to modern home space, it will inevitably make people feel a little dull. Choosing the new Chinese style with simple shape will greatly eliminate the visual depression

the selection of materials is more diversified

classical furniture is often made of wood, with exquisite carving and elegant modeling, which conveys a strong oriental aesthetic charm. However, the Chinese style with light luxury temperament boldly adds some modern materials to the material selection, such as metal, aluminum, glass, leather, marble, etc

skillfully use bright colors for decoration

Chinese home decoration with light luxury style is mostly dark, supplemented by bright colors such as red, yellow, blue and green on the basis of black and white gray

just right blank

there is an ancient Chinese saying called "if the moon is full, it will be lost, and if the water is full, it will overflow", which is also applicable to the design of Chinese space

originality ・ Chinese classical

combination of tradition and modernity


wood color produces fragrance

"rich but not vulgar, gorgeous but not indiscriminate, dignified but not stupid"


temperament is like blue

stable color, exudes the beauty of ancient and modern


the color is stable

the furnishings pay attention to symmetry and abandon complicated decoration


extremely narrow new Chinese style

classic modern blend





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