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“ Although the sparrow is small, it has five internal organs ”, Small rooms can also be decorated with the effect of large space. The biggest drawback of a small room is the lack of space and limited accommodation. According to the suggestions of professionals, we can adopt color matching to make up for this defect in the process of decorating a small room, and how to reasonably store miscellaneous household items is also a major problem in the decoration of a small room, which makes the home look orderly and there is no lack of fashionable sensory enjoyment, The following Xiaobian will recommend you some good decoration renderings of small rooms for your reference only. I hope they can be helpful to you

the straight-line black coffee table is a classic style, equipped with black-and-white flower shaped carpet, which is in contrast with the sofa and enriches the sense of hierarchy of the space. The red bookshelf is a bright color of the space, which makes the whole space look more spiritual and has a kind of amazing beauty. It can make up for the lack of space from the visual effect, and color matching is the most common method. Warm colors with high brightness give people a sense of expansion, while cool colors with low brightness give people a sense of expansion. Therefore, the colors of the walls and ceilings of small rooms should be cold colors, such as cyan, blue, etc., while household accessories should be warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, etc., with a sense of compactness

in addition, bright light also gives people a feeling of openness and clarity. Therefore, the brightness of the room can be increased by using more transparent materials and expanding the area of doors and windows. Vertical stripes shall be selected as far as possible for curtains, which can also increase the height of the room visually

when buying storage furniture, properly use some Oh, you transparent decoration, glass, bead curtain, and some mirror decoration. Make rational use of space, and the color matching should also be reasonable. Generally, use light colors, which will highlight the emptiness of the space. Remember to use the high space

for a small room, the use of the upper space is very important. More bright and refreshing colors in the room will also make the space more bright and loose. On the basis of reasonable layout, add some space according to your own preferences, try to be open-ended and have simple furniture. The wall surface is simple, and you can also decorate some mirrors to make the space slightly larger visually

Korean bedrooms are now quite popular with young people. Korean petty bourgeois design style is blowing hard. Suddenly, I found that Korean style small posture style, which integrates the strengths of hundreds of families, must have its aesthetic side. Korean bedrooms are warm and lovely in decoration, and light colors are also used, with some lovely small decorations, which fully shows the gentle and lovely temperament of the room owner

this is an open children's bedroom space, which opens up a space in the living room space as a children's room. It can be said that everything makes the best use of the whole space design, adhering to the following design principles:

1. Try to open up all the spaces that can be opened up to form an open space

2. For spaces that need privacy, mobile doors are selected, which not only makes the space more transparent, but also saves space

Xiaobian summary: the decoration of small rooms needs to pay attention to the matching skills of colors and the use of storage space. The decoration of the whole small room needs to comply with “ Make the best use of everything ” The principle is that household items should not be regarded as a burden, and they can also contribute to the use of your space. For more information about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the information platform




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