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Do you know what to pay attention to when decorating the house? What do you think of the stress of decoration? What aspects do we need to know about decoration Feng Shui? So how about the Feng Shui decoration of the house? Now let's have a look

House Feng Shui decoration pays attention to

solutions to taboos in house Feng Shui decoration

taboo 1. If the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, you can pull the curtains for a long time as a barrier

the entrance and exit gate should not be directly opposite the balcony, which forms the so-called “ Pierce the heart ”, It's not easy to gather money at home, and there are many things to lose money. Solution: make a porch cabinet to block between the gate and the balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (those who hit water taboo cannot put a fish tank, which can be replaced by a screen). It can be used as a balcony window to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing plants. It is also a feasible method to pull the curtain for a long time

taboo 2.

the balcony should not face the kitchen, which is also a kind of “ Pierce the heart ”, It will weaken the reunion function of the family, make the husband easy to have affairs, make the wife red, and keep the children from going home

solution: make flower racks full of climbing plants or place potted plants to isolate the inside and outside; Then you can make balcony sound, which is also a blocking method. The curtain of the landing door of the balcony should be pulled as far as possible or on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen. In principle, it should not affect the action of the occupants, and it should be covered by a cabinet or screen. In short, it is not allowed to let the balcony go directly to the kitchen

taboo 3.

if the sofa is placed under the beam, the decoration of the ceiling can block its shock force. The couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. For a long time, people who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to disease and pain

solution: the couch and bed should not be placed under the beam or wrapped up with decoration so that they are not exposed

taboo 4.

if you hit a person who avoids water, you can't put a fish tank at home. As the outside world knows, just putting a fish tank can gather money. Residents should be clear about the five elements, and those with special taboos should be avoided at home

solution: check the five elements of happiness and taboos of residents in the perpetual calendar. Those who have taboos at home should avoid placing items with this attribute. Five elements like fire, water, soil, wood, gold and fire

taboo 5.

the eaves of the canopy should be made into an arc and avoid arrow shaped. The overhanging eaves of the balcony canopy cannot be arrow shaped, which is harmful to those who often go in and out of the balcony

solution: do not make a cornice. If you must make a cornice, try to make an arc instead of a sharp shape

Feng Shui in the living room

(I) the living room luck method to enhance popularity

1. The living room should not be dark. A bright living room can bring prosperity, so the wall of the living room should not choose too dark colors

2. The floor of the living room should not be uneven, and family fortunes will be more bumpy due to the fluctuation of the floor

3. If there is a beam cross span in the living room, it should be covered by decoration.

if there is a beam on the ceiling of the living room, it will form a feeling of oppression. People sitting under the beam will easily cause mental tension and poor luck. The beam should be covered in the ceiling of the interlayer as soon as possible

(II) the living room should use more circular decorations

the living room is a place for family and friends to meet, and it is most necessary to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circle belongs to Yang and is a dynamic symbol, so the round lighting, ceiling modeling, and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere@@@

(III) it is not suitable to hang pictures of beasts in the living room.

there is usually no taboo in the living room, such as hanging flowers, plants, mountains and waters, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, cranes, and Phoenix. However, if you like to hang dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to turning the head of the beast in the painting outward to form a defensive pattern, and never threaten yourself with the head of the beast inward, otherwise it is easy to bring unexpected disasters to your family

(IV) the living room should not be filled with antiques, sundries or decorations

if the living room is filled with antiques, sundries and decorations, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the smooth airflow. Of course, it is easy to make people's blood and Qi not smooth, and health decay

precautions for Feng Shui in house decoration

in general houses, the bedroom door cannot be directly opposite the door, and if the living room is in the middle of the owner, it is an auspicious sign. Irregular houses cannot be used as kitchens, which are more likely to affect the health of family members, and cannot be used as bedrooms, otherwise it will lead to long-term marriage and infertility. In the master bedroom of geomantic omen, the toilet can't face the bed, which will cause vicious diseases. There can't be large dressing glasses on both sides of the bed, which will make people lose sleep and even have nightmares

since we no longer only pay attention to food and clothing in our life, we have higher and higher requirements on the quality of life, so housing Feng Shui is also a very important item. In the house Feng Shui taboo, evergreen potted plants are good indoor decorations, but be sure to choose some plants that are evergreen, have strong vitality, and are not easy to wither and fall leaves

in the feng shui of house decoration, a clean toilet is very important. The toilet is the place for sewage discharge. In addition to the proper orientation, the most taboo is unclean and smelly. If you keep it clean and dry, you can retain wealth. If there is a corridor in the house, the toilet should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end, otherwise it will be terrible

the warm light in the bedroom of the house geomantic omen is more conducive to the feelings of husband and wife. You can't open a big window at the head of the bed. Here I'll tell you a part of the basic common sense of the house geomantic omen, so that you can have some experience in home decoration. Don't put the house geomantic omen in a bad way, which will bring better luck





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