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There are really many residential areas in Wuhan that delivered houses in September. Recently, many owners from three towns in Wuhan called Wuhan home decoration network to "do you have any suitable decoration companies to recommend some?" Xiaobian believes that if you want to choose a suitable one in a large number of Wuhan decoration companies, you still have to do some homework. Here are some practical experience in choosing decoration companies

3. Choose the best from the best

understand the strength of the company and inspect the construction site

how to choose the most suitable home decoration company among the several alternative home decoration companies? The owner can compare the reputation, design, quality, price, service, warranty and other aspects according to his own conditions and plans

first of all, it depends on the establishment years of the home decoration company and the projects it has done. Then it depends on the ability of the designer through the conversation with the designer. After the scheme is OK, it depends on the construction technology and quality of the company. This is best to go to the construction site to see the model houses under construction and the completed model houses, so as to know well. It is worth reminding that the owner must be as detailed as possible when signing the decoration contract, and add the relevant information learned before to the annex of the contract to reduce some unnecessary losses. After signing the contract, the home decoration company will give a quotation. At this time, the owner must polish his eyes, especially pay special attention to missing items and missing items

Wuhan home decoration network is now launching a free house inspection experience budget treasure activity to ensure the implementation of the quality of each decoration link. A number of schemes resist the trap of the decoration company deliberately missing items and quantities, increasing items and increments in construction, and increasing prices in disguised form. Wuhan decoration budget, Wuhan Decoration quotation use budget treasure, learn more details: www.whjzw net/zb/zxbj. html





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