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The customer doesn't have much pressure when choosing. After the order is sent, the goods can be delivered to the customer within a week. Adjust the supply mode, optimize the supply channel and reduce the supply pressure

interview guest: Hu Bolun of Foshan Nanhai Tianmai Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: congratulations on the perfect appearance of the situational experience exhibition hall of Tianmai Aluminum Co., Ltd. as the aluminum profile at the top of the supply chain of the door and window industry, in my past understanding of this traditional industry, I think the exhibition hall is not very needed. Why does Tianmai insist on setting up an exhibition hall, which is still situational, experiential Even the layout of this exhibition and the exhibits inside far surpass many large-scale professional door and window factories in China? What kind of consideration and practical needs do you have

President Hu: Yes, I think you still have a comprehensive understanding of our industry. Indeed, as you said, the aluminum industry is a traditional industry, but what I want to say is that the times are progressing, the market pattern is changing, and the industry has undergone corresponding changes in different periods. If we are in the industry and cannot effectively capture market information and adjust the operation mode, It is obviously unscientific to blindly do traditional industries in the traditional way. In my 10 years in the industry, from the initial aluminum color plate and sample head, to the later application of some display shelves, and the formation of primary exhibition halls in recent years, all these are based on the display of aluminum itself. In fact, what customers want to see is not aluminum, but the surface senses you present to them and the finished effects of doors and windows derived from aluminum. What they can do with my things when they take them back is a problem that customers care about

2015 Tianmai aluminum spent so much energy, money and system to build this exhibition hall for three reasons: first, comprehensively, systematically and intuitively present products to customers; Second, improve their own image and guide customers to copy, so as to achieve the output of exhibition hall design schemes and exhibits for customers in need; Third, there is material object and truth. The customer sees it thoroughly, orders it with confidence, and knows it well

home hotline: the product development of Tianmai aluminum in different periods from the pure single glass aluminum door system support earlier to the professional hollow door and window system support has attracted extensive attention in the industry. Then, President Hu, can you tell us about the advantages of Tianmai in terms of products and market

President Hu: OK! I think there are multiple factors that have attracted the attention of the industry; I also summarize a few points: 1 Our positioning is accurate. Our positioning is to provide sophisticated, high-end aluminum door profile system support. First, we don't do material wholesalers, second, we don't do store customers, and only serve high-end aluminum door processing plants. The positioning of partners is the most critical factor of our cooperation. 2. Strong independent development ability. It should be said that at present, many currencies circulating in the market come from Tianmai. 3. Keen capture of market information, positive response when the industry pattern changes, drive customers to actively adjust, cater to the market and capture the market. 4. Comprehensive service ability, committed to a comprehensive one-stop solution from consultation, understanding to implementation, operation, budget and matching

Tianmai defines the development of a full range of aluminum door and window profiles. At present, we mainly promote 48, 40 and 35 series products with three cost divisions of high, middle and bottom. All series have corresponding flat opening supporting facilities, and the whole series is equipped with hanging, monorail, double rail, three rail system, fine steel gauze, bright window and massive hollow spacer supporting facilities. At present, there are 60 flat opening non broken bridges, 65 broken bridge flat opening, 98 three track sliding windows, and 130 broken bridge flat opening windows. Our slogan is "why rush around, Tianmai has everything!"

home hotline: just now President Hu talked about Tianmai's "integrity", so what about "innovation"

President Hu: Tianmai belongs to a development company, and innovation has become a habit and responsibility of Tianmai. Through nearly five years of development and precipitation, the current product system should be said to be very mature and perfect. What we need to do now is some minimally invasive new and technological innovation. Minimally invasive new mainly focuses on improving the surface of profiles, solving common problems such as complex assembly, sealing, sliding, etc. technological innovation is mainly on the profile of electric system

home hotline: after listening to the above introduction of President Hu, I feel that Tianmai attaches great importance to cultivating customers. Can you talk about Tianmai's current customer maintenance strategy or development strategy

President Hu: Tianmai never competes at the price level, but focuses on finding suitable customers as service objects, and building and cultivating them. We believe that cooperation is not simply about selling and buying, but about working hard for common channels and platforms based on mutual trust. Maintaining customers is about protecting ourselves. At present, the development of this area is mainly driven by the continuous growth of existing old customers and market reputation

home hotline: I heard that Tianmai began to make a window product line in July this year. Can you tell me about the specific development

President Hu: we have known about window products for a long time, and all of them were launched in July this year. First, the launch of the new exhibition hall can completely show all categories to customers. Second, some customers have improved their category products through development, so the improvement of window products is inevitable. Tianmai's window series was recognized by customers at the beginning. The key problem lies in the novelty of products, the perfect matching of colors and categories, and the way of supply of finished products, which are easy for customers to accept. Windows is a trend in the future. At present, we don't take this as our project to increase profits. The main purpose is to improve the product line, so that customers can easily arm terminal stores, so as to provide a full range of products from door to window, help customers form brands, and have more competitive advantages in the industry

home hotline: Tianmai is also in stock now. Is there such a thing? Can you talk about it specifically

President Hu: the industry knows that differentiated door and window materials are generally supplied by order. The ordering method will lengthen the cycle. The longer the cycle is, the more passive the factory and customers are in terms of capital, warehousing and procurement. Considering the practical needs of the customer resources at hand, from July this year, we have targeted to realize the warehousing of some products in stock, starting from the 35 system. In this way, customers will not have too much pressure when choosing. After the order is sent, the goods can be delivered to customers in a week. Adjust the supply mode, optimize the supply channel and reduce the supply pressure

home hotline: OK, thank President Hu for accepting our interview today




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