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Heilongjiang Airport Group held the terminal service skills competition

release date: Source: Civil Aviation of China

recently, Heilongjiang Airport Group held the fourth terminal service skills competition to improve staff service post skills and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees. 30 contestants from branch airports and passenger service department participated in the competition

with the theme of "strengthening the construction of 'three basics' and practicing true service", this competition has four items: strengthening the examination of theoretical knowledge of supervision and management, the examination of Chinese service practice, the examination of English Service Practice and style display. The actual operation assessment is scored by the judges on the spot according to the contestants' performance in service skills, dialogue standards, business norms, service etiquette, service skills, service response, etc. The "passengers" played by the airport staff posed various problems to the contestants, who resolved them one after another with warm and thoughtful service and superb professional skills. Their elegant manners and clever responses to find objects in contact with the research object won bursts of applause. Different from previous competitions, this competition added a new "true service" style display link. The contestants showed their strengths, and expressed the theme of "true service" in the forms of songs, dances, sketches, poetry readings, calligraphy displays, paper cuts, etc., showing the youthful and beautiful style of contemporary civil aviation people. After two days of fierce competition, Liu Xinxin, Wen Tianyu and Hou Lili won the third place in the trial production of wind chimes before the individual all-round competition

Li Changyong, deputy general manager of Heilongjiang airport group, pointed out that flight normality, flight delay handling, passenger complaints, etc. are still the outstanding difficulties and focus of the work before the test, and the true service is endless. The majority of employees should be advanced in benchmarking, further improve service quality, implement sincere service, strengthen the construction of "Three Basics" and lay a solid foundation for service with stronger confidence and higher morale

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