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Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper industry saves 8million tons of water annually

in Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Industry Group, as long as it is found that there is a constant flow of water and unreasonable use of water, from the chairman to ordinary employees will be punished. Strict rules and regulations and solid technological transformation have saved 8million tons of water per year, and the water consumption per ton of paper has decreased from 100 tons to 33 tons, leading the industry in China

Hengfeng Paper Group 7, with a clean and dust-free working environment, is a major profit and tax user in Mudanjiang City and also a major energy consumer. In order to increase the saving capacity and improve the recycling efficiency of water, they have invested more than 10 million in recent years. All countries in the world, especially developed countries, can provide technical support for plastic enterprises in Dongguan, such as plastic modification and mass production of functional materials. They pay attention to the development of new material industry and carry out technical transformation, which has achieved remarkable results. At the same time, the energy-saving work of enterprises has also shifted from energy-saving transformation to energy-saving design. For new projects, we actively promote the rational use of energy, and the experimental results can be automatically saved. If they fail to meet the energy consumption standards and design specifications, they will not be approved; Make full use of circulating water for flushing and brushing the floor, and strengthen the water management of hand basins, baths and toilets. In the past, the annual water consumption of the group office building was more than 60000 tons, but now it has been reduced to more than 1000 tons. This alone saves 270000 yuan annually

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