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Heihe testing instrument measurement external school manufacturer x12bvoos in 2011, the development of China's entire instrument industry is full of many uncertain factors, which not only slowed down in production and marketing, but also reflected the characteristics of declining profits. Relevant statistics show that the output of analytical instruments in the instrument industry increased by 29.56% year-on-year from January to October, but the output in November and December showed a downward trend month by month, 10.95 and 6.37 percentage points lower than that in August and September respectively. At the same time, due to the increasing cost of enterprises today, the obvious rise in expenses, the squeeze of profit space, the production and operation difficulties of instrument and meter enterprises, the industry is also facing the situation of tightening the operating environment of industrial economy

according to the corresponding regulations of the external calibration manufacturer of Heihe test instrument, the calibration shall be carried out according to the calibration cycle, and the calibration records and calibration marks shall be made. In addition to evaluating the indication error of the measuring device and determining the relevant measurement characteristics, the calibration result can also be expressed as the correction value or calibration factor of the base's output value of 11.36 billion yuan, which can specifically guide the operation of the measurement process. For example, a caliper used by a machining organization has been calibrated and found to be 0.2mm larger than the measurement standard. This data can be used as a correction value, and the calibrated value is marked in the calibration mark and record as 0.2mm larger than the standard. In the process of using this measuring instrument (caliper) for physical measurement, subtract the correction value greater than 0.2mm, and it is the measured value of physical measurement. As long as the purpose of quantity value traceability can be achieved and the indication error of measuring instruments can be clearly understood, the purpose of calibration can be achieved

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replaced the rubber band and the correction valve with unqualified permeability, which must be adjusted to see whether the correction meets the requirements. First calibrate the instrument with a standard cotton sample, adjust the indicated value of the instrument to coincide with the standard value of the cotton sample, and then take out the cotton sample. These standards generally have strict provisions on the sample preparation and experimental methods. Insert the correction valve into the sample cylinder, see how much the cylinder at the top of the correction valve pulls out and pushes the finger of the pressure gauge differs from 2.5mic and 6.5mic, and record the reading, take out the correction valve, and then repeatedly adjust the two small conical screws in the correction valve with a small screwdriver, Adjust its air permeability so that the correction valve cylinder is 2.5mic when pulled out and 6.5mic when pushed in

first, when the measuring instruments fail to pass the verification and the measuring performance meets the requirements of the regulation after debugging or repair. According to JJF "assessment specification for legal metrological verification institutions", the institution must issue the verification certificate or affix the verification seal in accordance with the provisions of the "metrological verification seal and certificate management measures". When the verified instrument has been adjusted or repaired, if it is available, the records before and after adjustment or repair should be kept, and the verification results before and after adjustment and repair should be reported. " For this reason, the verification result information on the inner page of the verification certificate should include two kinds of verification results before and after adjustment or repair

terms, including: "use ×× Grade (qualified), "conforming" ×× Grade (grade) "," qualified ", etc. the actual verification conclusion is mostly described by" qualified ". For example, the measuring instruments specified by the verification regulations should be described by the terms of grade (grade) compliance as far as possible. In short, the second kind of conformity terms is more appropriate for the description of the verification conclusion. (original title: Discussion on standardizing the format of metrological verification certificate and correctly handling the verification results)

3.4 strengthen the requirements for fixtures, communicate with the development unit, and improve the pertinence. In the research stage of LIMS system, the project development company is required to designate experts to participate in the specific environmental monitoring business. In the development stage of the system, the personnel familiar with the monitoring business in the unit should participate in the project development, and immediately point out the specific problems found in the development process

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