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Heidelberg successfully held a special demonstration of commercial printing solutions for Jiangxi customers in Shenzhen

25 printing enterprises in Jiangxi province came to Heidelberg Shenzhen PMA to learn from the experience

the powerful performance of Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 and Speedmaster SM 74 was affirmed by customers

highly automated and efficient production is the key for printing plants to win market competition

September 3, 2012, Heidelberg Shenzhen Co., Ltd. specially invited 25 printing enterprises from Jiangxi Province to Shenzhen printing media technology center. With the theme of insight and leading the market, it presented a unique Heidelberg commercial printing solution demonstration to 38 colleagues in the industry. This presentation not only has unique market situation analysis, but also has obvious product advantages compared with ordinary pendulum impact on the market. It has arranged a wealth of production demonstrations and visits, providing an open communication platform for printing enterprises from Jiangxi and Heidelberg. The focus of this equipment introduction and exhibition is the Suba SM 52 and Suba SM 74 assembled in Shanghai Qingpu factory

at the presentation, Mr. Tan Haohui, general manager of Heidelberg China Limited Shenzhen Representative Office, delivered a welcome speech for the presentation. Mr. Xiao Yuanbo, general manager of A3 format sales of Heidelberg Shenzhen company, shared with the participants the current development of China's printing industry. He stressed that the printing industry cannot win by fighting a price war alone. Unsustainability is equivalent to hollowing out itself. Strong business capability is always the trump card of the company's rapid development. It can improve the rate of return while reducing production costs and energy consumption, and provide a strong guarantee for the development of the company. Heidelberg's excellent equipment is undoubtedly the best choice for enterprises

during the demonstration of printing live parts, Zuo Zhiyu, a senior lecturer at Heidelberg printing media technology center, and Hu Dong, a senior engineer, presented a flexible journey of color of the Speedmaster SM 52. Postcards printed with 250 grams of white background and white card paper are quickly converted to propaganda posters printed with 157 grams of coated paper, which shows the ability of speedpa SM 52 to flexibly and conveniently control various commercial printing materials such as propaganda samples and postcards, reflecting that it can still maintain high-precision printing quality under high-speed operation

the automatic version change system can realize fast and accurate plate replacement without any tools, which is faster and more efficient than the general version change system during polishing. Moreover, due to the high accuracy of plate loading, the preparation time of the whole printing is greatly shortened, and the rich automatic control function ensures a reliable production process, which can achieve all this while ensuring the maximum printing speed of 15000 sheets per hour. When the guests compared the printed samples with the digital samples on site, they found that the color of the printed samples was very similar to the digital samples, and they were deeply convinced by the ultra accurate color matching technology of Heidelberg equipment

the guests also went to a local commercial printing factory in Shenzhen for a live production visit to the Suba SM 74, and demonstrated the process of two live printing and live conversion of 157G coated paper on site. For a speedpa SM 74 that has been put into operation for several years, it can still maintain high-quality and efficient printing capacity under such high-speed operation, which not only strengthens the confidence of printing peers in Heidelberg, but also practices a durable reputation. After communicating with the on-site staff of the printing factory, the guests found that the conservative traditional printing fields such as leaflets and postcards are far from enough to meet the increasingly fierce business competition of printing enterprises, and they also need to explore more business scope to add value to themselves. The enthusiastic explanation of the on-site staff made the guests open their eyes and deeply inspired, and they said that they would strive to create an investment path more suitable for their own development

the participants' personal experience and praise of Heidelberg equipment during this presentation, but all buffers of the car body must be replaced, which is not only a great affirmation of the powerful performance of Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 and Speedmaster SM 74, Moreover, the innovative thinking inspired by the company's large-scale pay stream reduction on the grounds of losses encouraged the small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Jiangxi Province to timely think about the future development direction of enterprises and the upgrading of equipment. The guests are very optimistic about the development prospect of Heidelberg, and have a strong interest in investment, hoping to open up a new market for Heidelberg in the printing industry market. The advantages of Heidelberg products, as well as the huge advantages and profit rates they can bring, all let guests enter Heidelberg, feel Heidelberg, and choose Heidelberg

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