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Heidelberg SM74 increases the productivity of Indian printing plants by 30%

Empe, the newly established Indian printing enterprise, should invest and purchase a Heidelberg SM74 printing machine and CTP system according to the detailed status eprinter recently, and hopes to achieve a significant increase in productivity

although it has just been established for two months, the current turnover of the company has reached 800000 rupees. Johneyjohn, the boss of the company, said that they have more than 60 customers who need professional commercial and packaging printing services

rupture strength testing machine is used in carton, paperboard, paper and other industries. Empee has significantly improved the quality of moving parts by investing in Heidelberg equipment. Johneyjohn said: the competition in the medium and low-end printing market is very fierce, so we must strive to improve quality and serve high-end customers

it is understood that since the installation of (1 on the right) Richard Northcote, a Heidelberg SM74 printing press, the production efficiency of empee has increased by 30%

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