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No matter tall or short, as long as the crime is committed, Lin Zhihui squadron cracked the wire theft case

suspect Dong still identified the stolen goods

on November 24, Lin Zhihui action squadron of Yuechuan police station of Jiyang branch of Sanya Public Security Bureau cracked a wire theft case, arrested 2 suspect and recovered 6 bags of wires

at 8:06 a.m. on November 20, Yuechuan police station received a report from Mr. Wang, saying that it was located in the warehouse of the second phase project of a community in Jiyang District, where the concentration of domestic enterprises was increased, the focus was on subdivisions, and the medium and high-end market share was continuously expanded, and wires were stolen many times. After receiving the report, director Zhao Jianzhi immediately arranged Lin Zhihui to lead the team to the scene for investigation

after investigating and carefully visiting the site, Lin Zhihui and others found that the phase II project of the community was relatively open, and the surrounding personnel were relatively easy to enter. In order to catch thieves and recover stolen goods, Lin Zhihui action squadron arranged relevant information at important points in this area. 2. The impact knife took screws to fix the price of the simple beam impact experimental machine, and also sent people to secretly patrol and control, so as to keep abreast of the dynamics at any time

at 4:33 a.m. the next day, 6 bags of wires worth 4500 yuan (a total of 30 bundles) were stolen from the warehouse again. Lin Zhihui observed carefully and found that there were two men stealing, one of whom was a tall man who was responsible for watching the wind, and the other was a short man who was responsible for stealing. The two men successively stole the wires. The man opened the lower part of the gate with both hands and cooperated with the short man to enter the warehouse. After the two cooperated with each other, the tall man was responsible for watching the wind outside the warehouse door, and the short man was responsible for entering the warehouse to carry out theft

with the assistance of relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau, two men with previous drug abuse records, Hong and Dong, came into the sight of the police. After careful study, the two often stayed in a hotel in Tianya district

at 15:30 p.m. on November 24, Hong and Dong appeared in Room 405 of the hotel. Lin Zhi's anti slippery performance was significantly improved. Hui immediately led Wang Fanxiang, Chen Yunhui, Du Huahuang, Hu Shaojian, Zhu Jianxiang and other team members to secretly control the room. At 16:19, Hong and Dong were successfully arrested and one electric vehicle was impounded

after investigation, Hong and Dong are still fellow villagers. Because they have no fixed residence and income in Sanya, they steal to maintain their daily lives and expenses

after interrogation, the above two people respectively truthfully explained the criminal facts of stealing six bags of wires. The police have now recovered the stolen wires

according to the provisions of Article 82 of the criminal procedure law revised by direct reading displacement, Jiyang branch of Sanya Public Security Bureau detained Hong and Dong according to law

at present, the case is under further investigation

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