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Heilongjiang eliminated 446000 tons of backward paper production capacity in 2009. In October last year, the State Council issued several opinions on further implementing the Revitalization Strategy of old industrial bases such as the northeast region. Heilongjiang Province immediately put forward the development strategy of focusing on cultivating a green and circular economy and accelerating the transformation to a low-carbon economy. As one of the old industrial bases in Northeast China and an important province in the prevention and control of water pollution in the Songhua River Basin, what new steps has Heilongjiang Province taken in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and exploring a low-carbon economy? Recently, we conducted an investigation and interview

according to the relevant person in charge of Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department, last year, Heilongjiang province implemented 310 key emission reduction projects, built 17 sewage treatment plants, reduced 14259 tons of COD (chemical oxygen demand), and COD emissions decreased by 2.99% year-on-year. 72 new desulfurization projects were built, 15971 tons of sulfur dioxide were reduced, and sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 3.15% year-on-year

it is understood that last year, Heilongjiang Province attached great importance to systematic measures for pollution reduction. Through a series of special actions such as the autumn wind action, the remediation of pollutant discharge enterprises to protect people's health, and post supervision, the province dispatched 36000 environmental law enforcement personnel (Times) to inspect 16000 pollutant discharge enterprises (Times), The opportunity to investigate and deal with the environment according to law gave Japanese investors a more in-depth understanding of the city of Rhodes 904. Previously, researchers tried to use plant fiber as a substitute, and the environmental law behavior of heavily polluting enterprises continued to form a high-pressure situation. In terms of strengthening emission reduction policies, the provincial price department approved the desulfurization price increase of 29 units with a total installed capacity of 5.108 million KW from 11 household appliance plants in the province. The provincial finance implemented the award instead of subsidy for 17 sewage treatment plants that formed emission reduction effects during the year, and supported the capital of 81.62 million yuan for the new treatment capacity and operating capacity. Completed the environmental protection verification of the listing of 4 enterprises including Huadian energy. 112 enterprises or production lines that do not conform to the national industrial policies have been eliminated by increasing the size of enterprises, suppressing the size of small ones, and closing polluting enterprises. Backward coke production capacity of 1.11 million tons, cement of 1.21 million tons, and papermaking of 446000 tons have been eliminated, optimizing the industrial layout and industrial structure

At the end of last year, the Ninth China Economic Forum was reconvened in Harbin. At the forum, Harbin was rated as a city with outstanding contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction in China, Qitaihe City and Baotai Chemical Co., Ltd. were rated as China's top 20 cities in energy conservation and emission reduction and China's top 20 enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction respectively, becoming a model for the development of low-carbon economy in Heilongjiang Province

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