The hottest Heidelberg printing press has suffered

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Heidelberg printing press has suffered losses for consecutive years

it is reported that in the second quarter of fiscal year 2012/13 (ending in March 2013 for both Mercedes Benz and BMW), despite the unexpected sharp increase in turnover, Heidelberger druck group in Germany is still in deep deficit. On Wednesday (November 7), Heidelberg printing press group announced that from July to September this year, the group's after tax loss increased by half, and the loss reached symptoms: fixture divergence of 30million euros. The group's turnover increased by 10% to 697million euros, exceeding analysts' previous expectations of high efficiency. Experts surveyed by Reuters previously estimated on average that the revenue of Heidelberg printing press group was only 637million euros. In addition, in the second quarter of fiscal year 2012/13, the group's order revenue was in line with expectations

as a leading enterprise in the printing press industry, Heidelberg printing press group has been in deficit for four years. Gerold linzbach, who has been the new CEO of the group since September, said that for Heidelberg, there is only one goal at present and it will continue to return to profitability

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