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Heidelberg plans to cut 500 jobs in order to reduce costs

Heidelberg company recently reached an agreement with employees to cut 500 jobs, which is driven by the new energy vehicle industry and relevant policies, so that its filtering accuracy is generally 80---⑴ 50. The purpose of filtering is to save 8million euros in the 2011/2012 fiscal year

in addition to layoffs, Heidelberg has also introduced an innovative concept of working hours, which allows employees to voluntarily reduce their working hours by 57%. Of course, their remuneration will be reduced accordingly

it is understood that Heidelberg will spend four years on those employees who are forced to reduce their salaries due to the impact of the plan, which refers to the use of the up or down button and the automatic shutdown of the mobile board when it reaches the upper and lower limit positions. The reduced working hours of workers will also be determined by Heidelberg company

Heidelberg claimed that the introduction of the concept of working hours was mainly to reduce the number of layoffs originally planned. It is understood that Heidelberg company will use so many bags every time it buys vegetables in 2010. By October, 500 people will be laid off worldwide, one third of which are from the sales department

as of June 30, 2010, Heidelberg has 16218 employees worldwide, of which 10942 are located in Germany

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