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Analysis on the operation of the first 3D printing business platform in China

at present, Sandi, the first 3D printing e-commerce service platform in China, is put into trial operation and will be officially put into operation in one month. Insiders said that the launch officially opened the era of 3D Taobao. Through the Internet sales mode, designers can open stores to upload and sell creative design products, and realize the functions of 3D printing quotation and 3D preview creative design. It is estimated that at present, Sandi has integrated resources worth 512million yuan, and relevant enterprises hope to quickly enter the 3D market through the platform

512million yuan is only a drop in the ocean for the development of the entire 3D industry. In the next three years, the relevant domestic market will rapidly expand from the current 1.8 billion yuan to 10billion yuan. Luo Jun, Secretary General of China 3D printing technology industry alliance, made the above prediction at the 3D printing industry development forum held last month. The 3D industry insiders said that now when you turn on the TV broadcast, you can hear about 3D printing almost every day. From organ manufacturing to military applications, 3D printing has undoubtedly ignited the enthusiasm of global scientific and technological competition. The British economist magazine defined it as the technology that led the third industrial revolution. The United States even took 3D printing as a new growth point to start the economy, and listed it as one of the top ten fastest-growing industries. At present, the global 3D industry is basically at the same starting line. Relevant domestic industries, from the central government to the local government, have formulated relevant policies, and industrial capital has entered the market one after another under various promoters

the East Lake high tech Zone received the highest level of attention in mid July. Insiders of the Optics Valley Exhibition Center said that the high-level and lower grass-roots levels clearly indicated that 3D printing should pay close attention to industrialization. Huazhong University of science and technology will take the lead. 1. The positive deviation of indication exceeds the tolerance to build the country's first 3D printing industrial park. Located in Optics Valley future technology city, this is a large-scale industrial park. About 55% of CFRP is prepared from PAN based carbon fiber as raw materials, which will integrate 3D printing equipment manufacturing, material manufacturing and product processing services

in addition to Wuhan, Fujian Province issued several opinions on promoting the development of 3D printing industry at the end of July. It plans to cultivate more than 10 enterprises with an output value of more than 1billion yuan by 2020, forming a relatively complete 3D printing industry chain, and the output value of the whole industry exceeds 20billion yuan. At present, encouraged by the output value of 10 billion yuan and preferential policies, local governments have stepped up the formulation of policies to promote industrialization. Zhuhai, Qingdao, Chengdu and other cities have also begun to build 3D printing industrial parks, and have given support in terms of capital, land and supporting policies

industry observers pointed out that 3D printing has shown signs of dual track development of mass production and small batch customization. It is precisely because powerful enterprises and private capital compete together that the industry will present a situation of technology and capital accumulation in the future

according to science and technology reports, designers can open stores to upload and sell creative design products, and realize 3D printing quotation and 3D preview creative design functions. Recently, Sandi, the first 3D printing e-commerce service platform in China, went online for trial operation, and will be officially put into operation in one month, which provides good conditions for designers to show their creativity and convert their designed durable goods into tangible products for sale

Sandi Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly launched by Beijing shangtuo Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center with grade 2 fly ash and 42.5R ordinary portland cement as cementitious materials based on the capital's scientific and technological conditions platform. It provides 3D printing, personalized customization of 3D digital models, 3D scanning, detection, reverse modeling, creative product sales and other services for designers, enterprise customers who want to print 3D models Individuals provide convenient and fast self-service 3D printing services

Sandi is also a member of the capital science and technology conditions platform. The platform provides Sandi with a large number of excellent scientific and technological talents and a large number of reliable resource information. In 2009, the capital science and technology condition information platform integrated 512million yuan of resources, of which 512million yuan can be opened. This has laid a solid resource information foundation for the development of Sandi. In November last year, the first 3D printing experience hall in China jointly built by the two units has been settled in Beijing DRC industrial design creative industry base

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