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Heidelberg Qingpu factory in Shanghai, China welcomes a new family member, Achim Mergenthaler, who replaces Stefan hasenzahl as the general manager of Heidelberg Qingpu factory in China.

he will hold another production base management position in Heidelberg.

Mai Xianyong (now 47 years old) became the general manager of Heidelberg printing equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HGES), namely Qingpu factory on August 1, 2012. The former general manager he senzhe (49 years old) will hold another position of production base management in Heidelberg

Mai Xianyong studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany. After graduation, he was responsible for leading several planning projects (after 1991) of the Heidelberg wesloch assembly plant. After holding several management positions in Heidelberg assembly business department, he took over the assembly work of Indra GTO 52 in 1999, and later took over the assembly and integration work of CTP in 2003. Since the middle of 2003, he has been responsible for the long-term component production of Heidelberg Brandenburg factory

Ingeo is used as a supplier of PLA wire rods in the Asia Pacific region, including China Jufu. He has been involved in the construction work since the launch of Heidelberg China Qingpu factory construction project in 2005. As a project manager, he first worked in the wesloch assembly plant, responsible for formulating the assembly of the small sheet fed printing machine in the new plant, and then went to Qingpu plant in person in 2006 to be responsible for assembly and logistics. In 2011, he began to serve as the director of the Technology Department of Qingpu factory and the managing director of Qingpu factory

he senzhe has been working in Heidelberg since he graduated with an engineering degree in 1988. After holding several management positions in Germany and other countries, he has been responsible for the development and management of Qingpu factory of Heidelberg printing equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HGES) since 2005. He played an important role in the successful development of Heidelberg Qingpu factory in China. It can save a lot of oil resources

Heidelberg Qingpu factory has been built since 2005. In 200, it can deal with the environmental problems of rainwater runoff and solve the difficulties of high-tech waste utilization. It was built in the spring of 6 years and has become the first production factory of Heidelberg in Asia. Located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, the factory is built according to the latest industry standards and covers an area of about 45000 square meters (about 484000 square feet). It is one of the largest printing machine manufacturers in Asia. Since 2006, Heidelberg Qingpu has been producing standard printing machines and folding machines, mainly for the local market. The factory began to produce folding machines in 2005, followed by speedpa SM 52; The production of speedpa SM 74 began in 2007. Finally, we began to produce speedpa CD 102 in 2009

one third of all printing machines sold by Heidelberg in China come from Qingpu factory. Since the beginning of export in 2010, a large number of Suba SM 74 and SM 52 printing machines have been exported to Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore

Qingpu factory is located in the suburbs of Shanghai, with about 500 employees. It forms a complete Heidelberg production network together with the factories in Wiesloch, amsteden, Brandenburg, Leipzig and Ludwigsburg in Germany and Nov Mesto in Slovakia

figure: from August 1, 2012, Mai Xianyong took over the post of general manager of Heidelberg Qingpu factory

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