Gansu Longnan power supply company launched 330kV

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Gansu Longnan power supply company carried out the maintenance of 330 kV transmission lines for the first time. This is the first time for us to carry out maintenance. We must seize this opportunity to see more gb/t1449 (2) 005 fiber reinforced plastic zigzag performance experiment and learn more. On April 4, Qin Guosheng, the person in charge of the operation and maintenance team of EHV lines in the transmission operation inspection room of state-owned enterprises, told Gao Peng, the staff member who participated in the maintenance of 330kV digital display lines for the first time

according to the 2019 spring inspection and maintenance plan, from March 28 to April 15, the 330kV 31538 shaidu second line was constructed in conjunction with the new 330kV shaijin substation to Shifo substation in Huixian county. Longnan company took advantage of the rare power outage opportunity of this construction crossing to carry out three span governance, six prevention renovation and line defect elimination for the 330kV shaidu second line

the last power outage in the electrolyte field is the first power outage maintenance of 330kV Sundu second line since it was put into operation on April 16, 2016, and it is also the first time that Longnan company has carried out power outage maintenance of transmission lines after the handover of 330kV localization. In order to ensure the safe and efficient completion of the maintenance work, Longnan company attaches great importance to formulating the maintenance plan in advance, organizing on-site investigation, strictly performing the approval procedures such as the three measures and one case, clarifying the division of responsibilities, standardizing business processes, unifying work standards, strengthening on-site staffing, refining work tasks and work processes, and implementing the responsibilities of personnel at all levels when they are used, Complete all-round disclosure of safety technology and sign a safety commitment, and make every effort to ensure the safety of tool and screw operators and equipment on a regular basis. The original 330 kV transmission line operation and maintenance personnel trained the first 330 kV personnel in advance

this line outage maintenance has a wide range of work points. So far, the company has completed three span governance, completed a total of 36 X-ray flaw detection of hydraulic tension clamps, installed 36 sets of auxiliary drainage, and replaced 2 pieces of self exploding tempered glass insulators. The power outage plan of the 330kV Sundu second line is advancing in an orderly manner, and the line maintenance work is in full swing. Through this outage maintenance, Longnan power will be stronger and provide an inexhaustible driving force for the rapid and sustainable development of Longnan economy

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