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Gansu Province carries out special inspection on drug packaging, labels and instructions

according to the relevant regulations of the State Food and drug administration, recently, Gansu food and Drug Administration decided to carry out special inspection on the packaging, labels and instructions of listed drugs produced by drug manufacturers in the province

this special inspection is carried out in two stages: the first is the stage of self inspection and self correction of drug manufacturers. Adopt the combination of self inspection and self correction of enterprises and centralized inspection of food and drug regulatory departments. All drug manufacturing enterprises are required to conduct a comparative inspection of all drug packages, labels and instructions produced and listed by their units one by one in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the provisions on the administration of drug packaging, labels and instructions (Provisional) and the provisions on the administration of drugs by building a vertical and professional network platform, and formulate rectification measures for those who violate the provisions. The second is the comprehensive inspection stage. On the basis of self inspection and self correction, all drug manufacturers shall submit all drug packages, labels and sample manuals produced and marketed by their units to the provincial food plastic deformation department, which will be permanently preserved for review by the drug registry of the drug administration. The provincial food and drug administration shall deal with the violations found in the inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions

at present, Gansu food and drug administration has issued a notice to the municipal (prefecture) food and Drug Administration and drug production enterprises to carry out special inspections in a timely manner based on the building block concept and scalability requirements, and is scheduled to hold a special inspection meeting for the special inspection of drug packaging label instructions in the province on May 25, 2006 to provide business guidance and comprehensive arrangements for the policies related to drug packaging label instructions

source of information: the State Food and Drug Administration

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