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Garbage classification on the 100 billion level tuyere

from July 1, Shanghai began to implement the new regulations of "the strictest garbage classification in history", and the maximum penalty for individuals throwing wrong garbage is 200. It is expected that by the end of 2020, 46 key cities will basically build domestic waste classification and treatment systems. Guotai Junan research report pointed out that garbage classification will directly bring new environmental sanitation equipment and service demand for front-end classified delivery, classified collection and classified transportation. In this regard, according to the calculation of the size of the national garbage classification market under the Shanghai model of Orient Securities Research Institute, the market size of the nationwide popularization of garbage classification is close to 200billion. Among them, the market space of garbage collection and transfer vehicles, transfer stations and corresponding pretreatment equipment and garbage classification services is expected to reach 44.2 billion

Under the continuous promotion of the policy, the capital market has also won many supporters. Wind data shows that the garbage classification index includes (3) 17 listed companies that universal testing machines can not do tensile and zigzag tests at the same time. From June 1 to July 8, the status of garbage sub spring tension and compression testing machines. A few years ago, this type of testing equipment was mostly manual loading, imitation or singular display. The index rose by 8.07%, of which China Tianying and Huahong technology, Willy and Longma sanitation increased by more than 30%. In the past month, driven by the waste classification concept stocks as a whole, the environmental protection and public utilities sector performed better as a whole

garbage classification is causing a new change. There is no doubt that the garbage classification industry has stood on the "wind"

generate business opportunities

go to modern garbage disposal service, with a monthly package of 180

because he didn't buy classified garbage cans, Mr. Xiao, a Shanghai resident, recently purchased several ordinary garbage cans to throw garbage according to dry garbage, wet garbage and recyclable garbage, and put three in his bedroom and kitchen respectively. With the increase of garbage cans, Mr. Xiao also bought some more garbage bags, including vertical garbage bags that facilitate the drainage of wet garbage

"the price of ordinary garbage cans is between, otherwise it will damage the machine and hurt users. A bag of ordinary garbage bags (90), and a bag of vertical garbage bags is about (30). My garbage cans and garbage bags cost more than 100 yuan this time. It is estimated that these garbage bags will not take a few months, and I will often buy them later." Mr. Xiao calculated an economic account of daily garbage classification

in fact, with the implementation of garbage classification, the dry and wet garbage cans known as Japan have long been in short supply. One of the dry and wet garbage cans sold in Japan at a price of 178, the sales page shows that 26000 people paid. More than 1000 people also bought other classified garbage cans with different prices. A seller said that many classified garbage cans need to be delivered in August, and those that can be delivered immediately need to be "robbed"

interviewed a number of Taobao sellers. One of the self-produced and self sold stores said that recently, sales have increased rapidly, so they are working overtime to produce. Taobao Jijia said that its garbage can sales reached 3million in June. Especially in the week from June 24 to 30, the sales of garbage cans increased by 50% year-on-year. Among them, garbage cans in Shanghai's local industrial belt are the most popular, with sales increasing by more than three times year-on-year

according to Taobao data, in April and may this year, all districts in Shanghai began to prepare for a rainy day, purchasing "classified garbage cans" in Taobao enterprise services one after another to provide residents with garbage classification delivery points. In May, the search volume of "classified garbage cans" on Taobao enterprise service platform increased by more than three times, and the transaction volume soared by more than 70% year-on-year. In particular, the order volume in Shanghai is far ahead in the country, and 9 of the enterprise customers who purchase "classified garbage cans" have become new users

in this changing situation, business opportunities related to waste classification have already begun to agitate. Nowadays, various garbage generation businesses have emerged, and buyers can agree on a time to pick up garbage at home by placing an order. Alibaba 5 mining e-commerce platform - "5 brother", which has been online for more than three months, does not focus on quickly expanding the scope of transactions

according to the search on salted fish, many individuals engaged in garbage generation generally only serve a single community or a certain range of surrounding areas, with a single charge of between, and require no more than 3 bags of garbage at a single time, with a weight of no more than 5 kg; The monthly fee is. As for the final charge, it is related to the floor, whether there is an elevator, and whether it is classified. Among them, the price of a proxy thrower in the Chuansha area of Shanghai: once classified 2, once unclassified 7; The monthly package has been classified as 80 and not classified as 100

there are also businesses providing garbage disposal services on Taobao. Customers can place orders directly, and professional garbage disposal personnel will contact them within three days. In terms of price, a single household pays 180 per month, 420 per quarter and 1320 per year; If more than one person forms a group, there can be a discount

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