Gao Yu, the hottest employee of Changchai, won the

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Changchai employee Gaoyu won the prize in the national brand story speech contest

Changchai employee Gaoyu won the prize in the national brand story speech big blow dry contest

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recently, under the initiative of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Quality Association organized the second national brand story speech contest. The company selected Gao Yu from the political department to participate in the competition and won the winning prize in the national finals on October 17

before that, 18 enterprises from Jiangsu, Anhui and other regions participated in the national trials in Nanjing in September. A total of 6 enterprises in Jiangsu Province were qualified for the national finals. Gao Yu, the contestant of the company, won the second prize and was successfully promoted to the national finals. On October 16 and 17, 58 contestants from nine sub competition areas including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Xi'an conducted the knockout semi-finals and the finals. In the finals, CCTV, China economy, Sina, China Quality News, China industry news and other comprehensive or well-known media in the industry will be the mass media judges of the competition, and they will be evaluated by means of expert scoring and on-site scoring by the media judges. Gao Yu, the contestant of the company, passed the test all the way and won the winner in the final finals

the national brand story speech competition aims to promote brand awareness and simple stories of brand use by more than 60000 employees in the industry, popularize and promote brand concept, brand culture and brand management knowledge in the whole society, improve national brand awareness, promote the innovative development of industrial enterprises' brands, and shape the international image of Chinese industrial enterprises' quality brands

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