Gansu Province has completed 1.59 million mu of af

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Gansu Province has completed 1.59 million mu of afforestation

release date: Source: Gansu

recently, it was learned from the forestry and grassland Bureau of Gansu Province that as of April 10, the province has completed 1.9893 million mu of afforestation and 1.5936 million mu of afforestation, accounting for 45.55% of the annual planned tasks; 477 new voluntary tree planting bases were built, with 5.1539 million people participating in voluntary tree planting and 30.8436 million trees

this year is the closing year of the 13th five year plan and the large-scale land greening work in Gansu Province. Affected by the climate and geographical environment, the spring and autumn seasons are the golden season for Gansu to carry out afforestation and greening. The provincial forestry and grass Bureau arranges and deploys the forestry and grass departments at all levels in the province to seize the key period and best season of afforestation in spring 6 and the season after the specimen is broken, and increase policy and financial support, We should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of citizens for afforestation and, on the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control, set off an upsurge of afforestation in spring

in order to complete afforestation and land greening in spring with quality and quantity, forest and grass departments at all levels in the province will, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively carry out comprehensive management of key ecological areas such as the Qilian point, the two rivers and one water, and the source area of the Weihe River in Dingxi, in accordance with the general idea of overall management and system restoration of mountains, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and relying on a new round of key projects such as returning farmland to forests and grasslands, natural forest protection, and the three North five phases, We will continue to implement ecological projects such as the demonstration of desertification control in the Hexi Corridor, key desert border locking, the reconstruction of a Ziwu ridge, and the greening of the northern and southern mountains of Lanzhou

local forestry and grass departments started to open the "interconnection + compulsory tree planting for the whole people" and establish a compulsory tree planting base for the whole people. Implement various forest benefit policies, coordinate financial funds, financial capital and social capital, and guide enterprises, collectives, individuals, social organizations and other forces to participate in afforestation. Actively strive for national and provincial forest cities. On the other hand, provincial forest towns and forest villages, promote greening and ecological restoration in key areas such as cities, villages, channels, river and lake reservoir areas, tourist attractions, and fengshakou, and strive to build an ecological security barrier in the West

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