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Can inkjet technology reproduce the legendary variables of that year

the development history of China's ceramic industry for more than 20 years is also a history of innovation in ceramic technology, equipment, products and design. In the changing situation of the ceramic industry, innovation has constantly changed the brand order, and the brand pattern has been broken again and again. Inkjet technology: let the brand pattern reproduce variables. A few days ago, the first product of ceramic inkjet technology was launched in Foshan, Guangdong Province with a high profile. This is the first time that foreign countries have broken the ice of inkjet technology blockade against China after Tu Qiang, a doctor of Yucheng Bioengineering Technology Research Institute of Shandong Southern University in bolo, Italy, introduced that inkjet products have become a weathervane for the development of ceramic tiles in the world at the niye ceramics exhibition last October. Experts believe that within three years, inkjet printing technology will be widely promoted in China's ceramic industry, and Chinese ceramic tiles IBF will gradually enter a new era of inkjet printing

inkjet technology makes the brand pattern of the ceramic industry reappear new variables. There is no doubt that as the first gold medal Asian ceramic applying inkjet technology in Guangdong ceramic industry, its high-profile launch of gold medal avatar 3D inkjet bricks will surely inject a strong boost into the gold medal Asian brand that is turning into the overtaking lane. However, we can only wait and see whether this young brand can quickly become the first phalanx of strong ceramic brands. However, what we pay close attention to is: can inkjet technology make the brand pattern of the whole industry reproduce the legendary variables that surged in those days

technological innovation: the power of nuclear fission

ceramic ink-jet printing after silk and roller has been called the third industrial revolution of China's ceramic printing technology, and is also favored by more and more domestic ceramic enterprises. It is reported that following the bold introduction of Italian digital ink-jet printing machines by Nobel, Marco Polo and gold medal Asian Ceramics, a number of high-end domestic ceramic enterprises are also negotiating the introduction of digital ink-jet printing technology

according to relevant technicians, inkjet printing machines and tools are printing equipment with high-end technology in many fields, such as electronic control, ink use, mechanical synthetic pattern design, numerical control operation, etc. the innovation of this equipment mainly has two points: the first is that the resolution is as high as 360dpi, while ordinary ceramic design uses only 72dpi. If the pixel concept is used for comparison, if the roller printing effect is about 2.4 million pixels, the inkjet printing is as high as 12million pixels high-definition pattern. The second is that the nozzle can spray ink dots of 7 colors for grading printing, so that the pattern is super clear. Thirdly, color, pattern and texture adopt electronic control software system integrated printing technology and special microcontroller. Through simple operation, you can obtain top-level HD patterns of various styles. The defects of ceramic printing technology have been greatly reduced, the labor intensity has been reduced, and the waste of glaze has been reduced. In addition, the ink-jet printing machine can flexibly handle orders of different batches and varieties. When changing production, the digital ink-jet printing machine has the characteristics of no need to replace ink or clean the ink path (eliminating the work of roller engraving and trial plate), which greatly saves the cost of trial plate, production and other aspects, and shortens the production cycle. Inkjet printers can easily transfer patterns to different concave and convex surfaces at will. There is no doubt that the introduction, absorption and innovation of this technology in China is entirely possible to have a profound impact on enterprises in-depth research and development, expansion of production, cost reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection. It can be inferred that the innovation of this technology will produce multiple fission in the ceramic industry chain, It will be released that although the reinforced glass composite technology process has been relatively mature, the popular point 1 is that the point 1 in the experimental curve from the first point to the last point before the curve is stable is unimaginable nuclear energy in the yield stage, which will inevitably lead to the upgrading of industry technology, brands and other aspects and multi-level breakthroughs

inkjet: make design more tension

Professor Daniel, an international authoritative expert on interior color, pointed out at the Luzhou designer forum that the emergence of inkjet printing technology has found a gap for the material performance that has always hindered interior design, and also provided a broader space for the free flight of design ideas. However, in terms of current materials and industrial design, it is only a small step

inkjet is destined to make design more tension

in fact, the emergence of inkjet technology provides rich and colorful design elements for ceramic design. Flowers, plants, birds and insects, birds and animals, mountains and rivers, and various natural elements appear colorful and become a painting easily, and the landscape of nature can thus become an inexhaustible design element for designers

the ultimate goal of ceramic industry design is to return to nature, which is to make all designs look like this. Like clothing, Ceramic fashion and personalization have become a general trend of market demand. This industry competition forces ceramic manufacturers to constantly renovate and innovate. Face up to inkjet printing technology, how to make ceramic design more tension? How to make inkjet printing meet personalized needs in a very short time? How to adapt to the trend of fashion, personalization, small batch and multi color of ceramic tile decoration

inkjet printing changes the traditional printing technology, realizes the overhead printing without contact with the brick surface, can realize multi angle, high density glazing, and completely presents the three-dimensional surface making design effect of ceramic tiles; Ink jet printing is the first time to realize one-time printing on the three-dimensional modeling surface of ceramic tiles, especially the vivid printing of textures on various concave convex floating bricks and inclined surfaces. The drop of concave convex three-dimensional surface can reach 40mm, which makes the connection between various special shaped accessories and the main brick more natural, and the overall paving effect more natural and atmospheric. All these make the connotation of design incisively and vividly displayed, and make ceramics more spiritual

as Daniel Daniel said, inkjet technology has found a gap for the performance of design materials; Conversely, design, especially the industrial design of ceramic products, under the catalysis of inkjet technology, may become the market killer of strong brands. Whoever has the advantage of design has the magic wand of ceramic core competitiveness. The design full of tension and the lifestyle it advocates will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the design directed at the hearts of the people is bound to repay the enterprises and brands that pay for it with a large share of the market

low carbon: the belief of returning to nature

low carbon life is to return to nature and carry out activities between man and nature. In today's trend of advocating healthy life, low-carbon life is not only an ideal, but also a new life worth looking forward to

what is the relationship between low carbon and inkjet printing

with the printing technology becoming more and more perfect, enterprises should be able to simplify the use of raw materials and make the perfect combination of more ordinary and environmental friendly raw materials and inkjet printing art, so as to achieve the purpose of low carbon and achieve high added value of products at the same time. For example, the ink utilization rate of newtech inkjet printing machine introduced by gold Asia ceramics is as high as 98%, which is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Based on the daily output of 8000 square meters of ceramic tiles, about 4 to 5 tons of glaze are required for other printing methods, while only 1.5 tons of ink are required for ink-jet printing. If the amount is reduced, the cost will naturally be reduced. This is undoubtedly a great innovation for the ceramic industry, which has been consuming a huge amount of glaze

on the other hand, whether the main consumables and core equipment of inkjet technology can be localized is also an organic part of China's low-carbon economy. If the mainstream ceramic enterprises in China can gradually introduce 3D inkjet printing technology, it will also promote the localization of core components of inkjet printing, such as ink, nozzle, control system, etc. In fact, gold medal Asia ceramics has joined hands with South China University of technology to develop ink-jet printing ink for the provincial new product project of production, study and research, and is applying for an invention patent for this ink. Ceramic ink-jet ink is about to be industrialized

to speculate that once the ink-jet printing technology has embarked on the low-cost localization of the Chinese system, the whole world ceramic industry may cause a storm

when the low-carbon lifestyle brought about by inkjet technology has become the mainstream of society, human beings are a step closer to returning to the true nature, and nature will eventually become the common belief of mankind

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