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Can food grade silicone paper be safely used in high temperature environment

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core tip: food grade silicone paper is not rare for our daily life. We often see a translucent white paper on the barbecue stove plate, which is food grade silicone paper. Silicone oil sounds like

food grade silicone paper is not rare for our daily life. We often see that in the barbecue stove plate, we only need to bring conventional accessories, and there is a translucent white paper on it. This is food grade silicone paper

silicone oil sounds very chemical, and the use scene is usually high temperature. Will there be toxic substances released during use? 2.5. When measuring, the time is controlled at 15 seconds to 20 seconds or more (powder samples need 60 seconds or more). Does the constant speed electromechanical add frequency converter discharge? Don't worry, Bailiu paper tells you through expert experimental interviews whether food grade silicone paper will affect your health

food grade silicone paper is actually a kind of commonly used packaging paper, with a three-layer structure, * * layer bottom paper, the second layer is coated, and the third layer is silicone oil

experts remind: as an additive of food packaging materials, silicone paper is allowed to be added, but it cannot be used as a food additive

will this silicone paper pollute the baked food and do harm to human body? First, put a piece of pork directly on the grill for barbecue, then lay silicone paper for preheating, brush oil after preheating, and place another piece of pork on it for roasting

after roasting, it is found that the meat directly roasted with the grill will have the mark left by the grill, and the grill is also covered with oil stains that are difficult to clean. On the contrary, the pork covered with silicone paper is very clean and the taste is the same. But we can't draw a conclusion yet. We should send it to the laboratory to see if the barbecue on this paper is poisonous

through intense waiting, it was found that xylene or other harmful substances were not detected in the experiment. Now you can safely go to the barbecue. In fact, the very easy to operate testsuitetw software, the rich and increasing standard library of experimental methods and various accessories make this system widely used in the range of all high-strength metals and building materials. It is simple that the xylene in silicone oil paper is dissolved and volatilized in the oily environment, and the effect can be achieved by preheating before use

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