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Small package high alcohol has a market in Russia

recently, I got information from some bosses in Dongning who operate wine in Russia that the packaging of existing wine in China is difficult to meet the needs of Russian consumers, and Russia's demand for small package high alcohol is becoming stronger and stronger

a wine dealer who has been operating in Russia for many years said that with the continuous recovery and development of the Russian economy, more and more Russians travel abroad. Russians are a nation that likes drinking. People are used to buying some wine to take with them when they travel. However, when doing business in Russia, some Russian customers reported that although the wine now operated by the Chinese is of high quality and good taste, the packaging is too large to drink at one time, and it is very inconvenient to carry the rest with you. A long time will also affect the quality of the wine. In particular, Russian women prefer Chinese suppliers to provide high-quality wine in small bottles with the same quality as existing wine, but with small and beautiful packaging

a boss who specialized in wine business in Dongning said that there are also some small bottles of high alcohol in China, but the variety is too single, so that Russian customers have no choice, and the packaging is very rough, the grade is too low, it is difficult to meet the increasing needs of Russian customers

this subtle change in the Russian market has attracted the attention of many smart bosses. Some fast-moving bosses of Jinan assaying product research and development department have begun to negotiate with manufacturers on matters related to the formula of raw materials, the capacity of wine, the design of outer packaging, etc., so that the high-tech maturity of vials needs to be improved, and the wine will be born and put on the market as soon as possible. The company's advanced polymer compliance material is composed of two key components. The home also revealed to the public that the change of high alcohol from large packaging to small packaging not only meets the needs of the Russian market, but also increases the income of enterprises. Assuming that the retail price of a bottle of high-end wine with a capacity of 1 jin is 10 yuan, if the capacity of each bottle of this kind of wine is reduced to 1/3 of the original, that is, the original bottle of wine is now three bottles, then the modified small package high-end wine is calculated at the minimum price of 5 yuan per bottle, and the high-end wine with a price of 10 yuan is changed to 15 yuan due to the change of packaging, excluding the increased cost of packaging, The profit of the enterprise has been greatly improved on the original basis. Therefore, enterprises should pay necessary attention to the small package high alcohol market, strengthen the development of this market, and meet the needs of Russian customers with high-quality and beautifully packaged products

source: China Russia economic and trade times

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