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Can hammer set off a new enthusiasm for product experience?

Lao Luo always thinks he is jobs' second, which probably means that he understands products very well, and many people believe it. In fact, it was later discovered that this was not the case. Before, a young man wrote an article about products, saying that he thought good products were cool gadgets anyway. Then I educated him, and later he changed all the articles

what is a good product? It is not 6. Deformation through deformation, height and force measurement that makes people feel cool, but it is a useful and habit that makes people moisten things silently. I told that buddy that the most awesome software product I think is the startup assistant of 360. It's familiar that your startup speed beats XXX. Many people like this tune and often share it. The significance of this product is to bring user perception to the security software that should have no user perception. Users like it very much and occasionally click optimization, which greatly improves users' perception and use of security software, and almost becomes a standard configuration. Similarly, the selection window opened by Tencent has also been plagiarized by countless software, because they provide an entry for the tool software to display the content, and guide users to click on the arrival station to bring traffic to the station

product design of hardware Apple's fingerprint unlocking is absolutely a top-notch product design. Its value lies in that it does not change users' usage habits, simplifying the previous three steps of clicking home, unlocking and entering a password into one step. Lao Luo has a very shallow understanding of this problem. He believes that using trusted WiFi environment without password unlocking can solve this problem. The problem here is that users need to set and judge, which is the wrong product view first. The office, which takes up the longest time for users, must have a password and unlock. Trusting WiFi looks good, but it can't solve the practical problem. Another good design is to double-click to light up the screen, because you don't need to look for the power supply or home key, just tap the screen. This is the most reliable smart setting in vivo. You can draw a letter in the air and answer, hang up and wake up. You can't use it once in your life

therefore, the product spirit is the spirit of ease of use, not the spirit of elites. The power of apple is that one home key solves all operations, and Android needs three. Apple's app can be uninstalled after clicking the fork. Android just points to dragging and dropping icons all over the screen. The failure rate of dragging must be higher than that of clicking. Once it fails, you have to drag it again. So some optimized Android like hammers learn from apple to put all icons on one screen instead of adding an interface of all apps, which is a kind of progress. But it's hypocritical not to drag the combination folder. Especially many people like to put everything on one screen instead of pressing the menu key, and 81 small grids appear to stimulate people with dense phobia

let's talk about external design. Many people say that Samsung Note2 is also heavy, almost like a hammer. However, the size of Note2 is much larger than that of hammer, and the weight is the same, but the hand feel is definitely different. If you take a kilo of gold and a kilo of cotton, the former must feel falling, while the latter is light. And the size of the note is not for you to operate with one hand, but the hammer seems to be

The thickness of

is also a very important indicator. Most of the edges will be thin, and it doesn't matter if the middle is a little thick. The reason why iPhones are the same thickness is that your thumb has a short radius of motion and enough space. When you hold it, it is caught in the mouth of a tiger. When you press the screen with your thumb, the root of your finger will definitely touch the edge. The thicker and more angular this place is, the more tired your thumb will feel. Therefore, we should make the battery thinner at the expense of batteries. If it is not thin, at least make the edges thin and round. In addition to the thick design of the hammer, the back clip battery is also designed, and the results can be imagined. If you have ever tried typing with your thumb for a long time, you will know that there are two painful places, joints and finger roots. The reason for finger root pain is that it is broken. The reason for joint pain is that the screen is too hard to use feedback, or that the screen is too insensitive, resulting in strong feedback. This is an optimization problem. Because it is subjective, I won't talk about the sensitivity of the hammer screen

there are probably three holding methods for a person to hold a single hand, including the upper end, the middle end and the lower end. Most of the time is when the middle end is held. When the middle end is held, the thumb fatigue limit - the material can withstand the maximum fluctuating stress of infinite cycles. The finger is generally at the golden section point. If you put the volume key in the middle, you need to bend your thumb to press it up, and you need to bend your finger extremely to press it down. So when you use a hammer to adjust the volume, you should change the gesture of holding the machine to holding the bottom. The same is true of the index finger. If you use your index finger to adjust the volume, your ring finger is already at the bottom, and your little finger will hang in the air. It should be noted that my hand is still relatively small. This holding method, coupled with a heavy one, can only be said to be uncomfortable. It is recommended that manufacturers put the volume key at the golden section point

when playing the horizontal screen game and putting it into the high-pressure steam sterilizer, the symmetrical volume keys will trouble you. You often can't tell the volume key over there. The most used scenes of volume keys are probably listening to songs and playing games. The latter is often to prevent others from listening, such as the boss. Open the game, cross the screen, make a sound, and start adjusting. At this time, you will find that what you press may be to adjust the brightness of the screen. This frustration is very strong, because you need to turn it over. Some people say that you can't remember the three entity keys to remember which side is the volume key? To be honest, as a user, I don't want to remember such boring things. Refer to the product concept I said at the beginning, which is that your product is not well designed

drop down hover is a very strange function, especially in application scenarios such as Weibo, which requires drop-down refresh, and settings such as scroll down selection scenarios, it will often have problems. In addition to the high failure rate of excitation, it will also be misoperated. Originally, you wanted to scroll down the screen, but you pulled it down. Someone said, please distinguish between fingertips and belly. I said NIMA, you play a lot of tricks. Do you think you are Kato eagle? Before this function, vivo had a similar one handed zoom out screen, and Meizu also had a pull-down hover, but they were both in the middle of the eye and useless. I thought it was very good at the beginning, but it was very troublesome to use. Because once you fail to recall this function, you have to try again. I might as well spend some effort and use it with both hands directly. There is no need to torture myself with one hand

moreover, a good product does not need to give users so many choices and judgments. It should be suitable for everyone with one hand, two hands, left hand and right hand. Most users can hardly set up using intelligence, so everyone, including apple, has focused more and more functions on the up and down notification bar to reduce users' settings. Hammer I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying it's not that good. As for Lao Luo's feelings, it doesn't matter to me. What I see is that even if Sister Feng did it, it's good or bad. This is the same as writing an article. You need to see the author to say good or bad articles, which is certainly not good enough

many people can't distinguish between making products and selling products. The person who makes products is to make what you need, and the person who sells products is to make you feel that you need

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